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Are Ashkenazi Jews smarter?

I just received an email entitled "Why are Jews So Smart". You can read an article here. I also found a similar article in New York Magazine. Did Jewish intelligence evolve in tandem with Jewish ...
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Did Jews "take over" 73% of their land from Palestinians?

I found an article by Matt Giwer saying that the cause of the Israeli-Arab war is that The Jews, [...] did in fact steal the land from the Palestinians. They actually bought and paid for at most 9% ...
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Were there any Jews among the Nazi top people?

I recently was in a discussion where one of the people, as an argument, claimed that Jews have been known to participate in activities clearly detrimental to Jews as a whole (the argument itself had ...
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Did the government of Nazi Germany sell Mauser pistols to an underground Jewish army?

The Guardian article Ken Livingstone faces fresh inquiry over Hitler Zionism remarks quotes Livingstone as saying: the Nazi government...started selling Mauser pistols to the underground Jewish ...
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