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Did Jewish ritual circumcision become a more invasive procedure in 140 CE?

One can envision two different methods to circumcize a penis based on where the cut is placed. The first method involves placing the cut after the glans and the second placing it before the glans. The ...
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2 answers

Have Jews been kicked out of countries 109 times?

Several years ago in Australia, anti-Jewish fliers were distributed. One of the claims that appears on the fliers is: Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times in history. I've seen this ...
36 votes
1 answer

Did the world Jewish population increase between 1933 and 1948?

A common claim among holocaust denial is that if Jews were killed, the 6 million figure is grossly exaggerated. A specific claim is that according to the World Almanac the world population of Jews ...
39 votes
1 answer

Did Benjamin Franklin warn the young American Nation against the Jews?

In reading some recent history, I came across an open letter from Osama bin Laden to the American public. In it, he claims the typical "Jews own your banks and media" stuff. But he also claims that ...
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Did 40% of the NKVD (Soviet police) leadership have Jewish nationality?

Timothy D. Snyder wrote a history book, Bloodlands about the mass killings of Central/Eastern Europeans between 1933-1945. Jewish Currents, a magazine of the Jewish Left, cite him in making claims ...
46 votes
3 answers

Did Jews "take over" 73% of their land from Palestinians?

I found an article by Matt Giwer saying that the cause of the Israeli-Arab war is that The Jews, [...] did in fact steal the land from the Palestinians. They actually bought and paid for at most 9% ...
26 votes
1 answer

Did Jews own most of the plantations that deployed slaves in the United States?

In his 1983 book "Jews and Judaism in the United States", Rabbi Marc Raphael said: "in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”...
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Do Jews mostly descend from Shem, son of Noah?

I mean, I am not exactly a creationist. However, How come we have a race called "semite" as in anti-semite? It's as if people think that those people are descendant ...
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Are American media controlled mostly by Jews? (2015 edition) [duplicate]

There is a question on this site, Are American media controlled mostly by Jews?, which looks at an infographic titled "Who Controls Your Mind? 2013" and shows: The methodology of the ...
2 votes
0 answers

Do Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ in the world? [duplicate]

It is often claimed that Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S. and the UK are the smartest ethnic group in the world: http://www.sciencedirect....
30 votes
3 answers

Were there any Jews among the Nazi top people?

I recently was in a discussion where one of the people, as an argument, claimed that Jews have been known to participate in activities clearly detrimental to Jews as a whole (the argument itself had ...
10 votes
2 answers

Did Jews claim to be asians to Imperial Japan?

I came across the following anecdote from the Judaism Stack Exchange: During the questions portion of the ...
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1 answer

Are Ashkenazi Jews genetically more European than Semitic?

Referring to this article Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European. But a new study suggests that at least their (Ashkenazi Jews) maternal lineage may derive largely from Europe. ...
25 votes
1 answer

Are Ashkenazi Jews largely descended from Khazars?

There is an obvious ethnic subdivision within Jews, between the Sephardic and the Ashkenazi. In several vaguely antisemitic websites (see for instance, here, here, and here ), but also in a completely ...
4 votes
2 answers

Are 11.6% of world's billionaires Jews?

The Jewish people may account for less than 0.2% of the world's population, but among the 1,426 billionaires around the globe, 165 or 11.6% of them are Jews, and their joint wealth has reached the ...
28 votes
2 answers

Are Ashkenazi Jews smarter?

I just received an email entitled "Why are Jews So Smart". You can read an article here. I also found a similar article in New York Magazine. Did Jewish intelligence evolve in tandem with Jewish ...
74 votes
1 answer

Did the maps for services such as Snapchat, CitiBike and StreetEasy label New York City as “Jewtropolis” for a brief amount of time?

While checking my Twitter feed this morning (August 30, 2018) I came across this tweet that claimed that services like Snapchat, CitiBike and StreetEasy renamed New York City as “Jewtropolis.” ...
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0 answers

Did Jewish Ethiopians only discover the destruction of the Second Temple when they moved to Israel? [closed]

Here's a supposed first-person account saying that she (an Ethiopian Jew) only found out about the destruction of the Second temple when she moved to Israel. Here's another account. But Ethiopia ...
6 votes
2 answers

Did Abraham Isaac Kook say that Gentiles have different souls than Jews?

Wikipedia claims that a Jewish yeshiva teaches that Jews have different souls than Gentiles. To support the claim, wikipedia says that one of their teachers quoted Abraham Isaac Kook as following: ...
3 votes
2 answers

When instituting Quds Day, did Khomeini say that one should emulate Imam Ali who killed 700 Jews?

The German newspaper Der Spiegel claims: Der Schwiegersohn des Propheten ist das Vorbild: Imam Ali habe "siebenhundert Juden an einem Tag" erschlagen. Ihm solle man nacheifern, verkündet ...
6 votes
2 answers

Did the government of Nazi Germany sell Mauser pistols to an underground Jewish army?

The Guardian article Ken Livingstone faces fresh inquiry over Hitler Zionism remarks quotes Livingstone as saying: the Nazi government...started selling Mauser pistols to the underground Jewish ...
4 votes
2 answers

Do US laws define Ashkenazi Jews as "white"?

The US Census, apparently, officially defines Ashkenazi Jews as white: White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. However, this ...