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Questions tagged [israel-hamas-war]

For questions involving the conflict between Israel and Palestine / Hamas that originated in Gaza in 2023

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Do Israeli quadcopters play sounds to lure people out of their homes?

According to this report by Middle East Eye, "War on Gaza: Israeli drones lure Palestinians with crying children recordings then shoot them ", drones are playing sounds of babies crying and ...
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How many food trucks entered Gaza during the war compared to before the war?

IPC's current report on Gaza says: From a pre-escalation average of 500 trucks a day of which 150 carrying food, in the period between 7 October 2023 to 24 February 2024, only 90 trucks per day, of ...
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Did Russian instructors help Hamas in the 2023 attacks against Israel?, a Russian anti-establishment website, posted a video "Прикрывайте!Прикрывайте!" Среди нападавших на Израиль были русскоговорящие инструкторы. ЧВК Вагнер?, which translates to '&...
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Was a photo of a burned Israeli baby's corpse generated by AI?

Shortly after the 7 October 2023 Hamas-led attack on Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, released some photos, including that purporting to be a baby's charred corpse. WARNING: ...
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Was the "cardiac ward building" of Al-Shifa hospital "completely destroyed" (by an airstrike) Sunday, Nov 12, 2023?

Something like this should be verifiable even with the current level of the fog of war, if not with respect to the exact date, at least whether the building is still around (from satellite photos etc.)...
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Was this the 18 year old injured boy assassinated by Israeli forces in a hospital, and the person laying on the bed on the now bloody pillow?

An Israeli commando unit recently raided the hospital and assassinated three injured people getting care. This is well covered in the media. One of the pictures taken after the raid is rather ...
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