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Questions tagged [ireland]

for questions about claims based in Ireland, or limited in Ireland.

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2 answers

Did Ireland ever have snakes?

On this Saint Patrick's Day, I was pondering on this thought: It's a common belief that Saint Patrick rid Ireland of snakes - by chasing them into the sea. It's true that Ireland doesn't have native ...
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Is there a church in Ireland that has as its ministry providing toilets for local pub patrons?

My pastor today preached an illustration which he received from John Upton, head of the Baptist World Alliance, a large missions organization. He tells this story (paraphrased) in order to illustrate ...
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Do Irish locals urinate on the Blarney Stone?

The Blarney Stone is a stone set into the wall of a castle in Ireland. There is a local tradition that kissing the stone will grant eloquence. I was told by the tour guides in multiple locations in ...
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Were the people in "Inis Beag" the most sexually repressed and the people in "Mangaia" the most sexually liberated in the world? [closed]

In the 1960s, a rather obscure anthropologist by the name of John Cowan Messenger discovered an isolated and very small community in a place called "Inis Beag" in Ireland. This was apparently a false ...
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