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for questions about claims based in Iraq, or limited in Iraq.

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Did Saddam Hussein have a secret torture chamber in New York City?

The NY Post reported this week that Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber in New York City between 1979 and 2003. The sources the paper cites are two "anonymous officials". The paper does not ...
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Did Saddam Hussein have a Quran written in blood? "The "Blood Qur'an" is a copy of the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, claimed ...
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Does this image show General Soleimani with American troops?

VeteransToday (amongst others) have shown this image, and claimed it shows Iranian General Soleimani who was recently killed by US drones with American Troops: This version of the image is from ...
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Did Saddam Hussein kill 12,000 people in one day through the use of chemical weapons?

In March 2013, the AFP News Agency posted an interview with former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair: Tony Blair: Putin can't use Iraq invasion as justification for Ukraine | AFP. Blair stated: The idea ...
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Is Iraq buying JF-17 Block-3 aircraft from Pakistan/China?

Is Iraq buying JF-17 aircraft? Iraq orders 12 JF-17 fighter jets from Pakistan In recent developments, Iraq has decided to purchase 12 JF-17 Thunder Block III fighter jets from Pakistan. According ...
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