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A global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide.

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Is online dating unsafe?

Is there any evidence to support the common conception that one is more likely to be physically injured when dating someone met online as opposed to someone met "offline"?
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Did ISP "pocket" $400 billion that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure?

Bruce Kushnick, author of "The Book Of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal And Free The Net," makes some pretty major claims. The most prominent article, an ad for his book written by ...
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Are/were US broadband internet service providers making 90%+ profit margins?

A 2012 blog article from Stop The Cap quotes the Wall Street Journal (without a link) as saying: Cable executives and analysts say that about 90% of the money cable operators charge for broadband ...
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Do Lovoo and Ashley Madison use chatbots ("fembots") to flirt with male customers?

Sites such as Ashley Madison and German dating site Lovoo have been accused of creating and programming fake female profiles to flirt with male customers. Although creating a profile for membership is ...
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Do small businesses that are on the Internet grow twice as fast?

Google claims in their Project Loon video (1:07) that (transcription mine): And because small businesses that are on the internet grow twice as fast, everyone could create new opportunities for ...
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Is the Airtel music ad the most streamed song and most downloaded ringtone?

This image was forwarded to me on Whatsapp The Airtel Music Ad composed by A R Rahman was the Most Streamed Song in the World in the Year 2005-2009. Also it is the Most Downloaded Ringtone in the ...
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Can all administrative procedures except getting married or getting divorced be done online in Estonia?

I have read this quote in Mike Gault, co-founder and CEO of Guardtime, told Business Insider: "...
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Does the F-word constitute a third of all swearing on the internet?

This youtube video (created as part of a series of short programmes for the UK's Channel Four television called Susie Dent's guide to Swearing) claims (around 3:08 in) that the word "fuck" makes up ...
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Do Alex Jones' videos get thousands of views?

Alex Jones, after being kicked off YouTube, has found a new home: And the view-counter over there seems very suspicious: it shows each video having thousands of views. And each time I ...
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