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A global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worldwide.

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Is Wikipedia reliable?

I ask this question because in school, students are always told "do not quote wikipedia" or that "Do not believe everything you see on Wikipedia, we are teachers and we know when something is wrong ...
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Is the increasing availability of high speed internet pornography reducing sex crime rates?

Some early studies show that the availability of pornography does not increase the rate of sex crimes. Research on pornography has generally been of various types (Tovar, Elias, & Chang, 1999)....
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Can the USA turn off the whole internet by deactivating root DNS servers based there?

Drinking with a friend, he told me how his lecturer had revealed to his class that the US can turn off the Internet for the whole world if it wants to, because all of the DNS root servers are there. I ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

On some YouTube videos, particularly highly downvoted ones, I often see comments asserting that their dislikes on the video are being deleted, either by YouTube or the channel itself. From the ...
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Is Snopes a "hoax" that is "covering up" for the Obama administration?

Of all the email I get, I don't know why this one bugged me so much. Here is an email accusing of deliberately "lying" and "covering up" for the Obama administration. From the look of it, ...
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Is the income of the porn industry 50% of the revenues made on the Internet?

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that most of the money which is made in the internet is going to the porn industry. First I didn't believe any word and I was like "Hey, shut up! There is still ...
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