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Do women get cheaper car insurance?

My coworker told me women pay less car insurance than men. So I did some research and found some sites proving that. For example: According to How Age And Gender Affect Car Insurance Rates, women tend ...
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Do first-borns buy more insurance?

Background I recently listen to a lecture by Professor Sohail Rashid from the Psychology Department at Ryerson University, on Alfred Adler's theories on how birth order affects personality. Audio of ...
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Is the insurance cost for going through the Red Sea the determining factor why ships avoid it, and are insurance companies making a big profit there?

It's been claimed in a popular video on the FSK bridge as some side comments (towards the end, last 3 minutes or so) that The insurance companies are making money "hand over fist" in ...
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Insurance for cannabis-related businesses? [closed]

Is it legal to obtain insurance for cannabis-related businesses? and what steps do I need to follow?
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