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for questions about claims based in Indonesia, or limited to Indonesia.

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2 answers

Did the Indonesian army have a virginity test for female recruits?

The original article is on Newsweek which I personally consider a reliable source. The virginity check, which extended to military fiancées, involves someone placing two fingers into the vagina to ...
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Did more than 300 polling workers die as a result of their work during the spring 2019 Indonesian election?

So I read this CNN article titled bluntly, “More than 300 workers dead after Indonesian election” and am finding the sheer numbers of workers dead—or have fallen ill—due to being overworked a bit hard ...
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Does Sandiaga have a 8.4 trillion rupiah debt?

Sandiaga Uno is the former Deputy Governor of Jakarta, and a Vice Presidential candidate for the 2019 Indonesia Election. In April 2017, Tribun-Bali claimed he had a large debt: 8.4 trillion ...
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Is 49% of Indonesia's wealth owned by 1% of its population?

Prabowo Subianto, a leading opposition leader in Indonesia, claims that Indonesian's Gini coefficient is 49%, and that that means 1% of Indonesian own 49% of the wealth. The text said that Gini ...
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