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Questions tagged [hiv-aids]

AIDS is a disease of the human immune system caused by HIV, a virus.

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Does Russia recruit a "large number" of people suffering from HIV and Hepatitis C to fight their current war?

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, 25 October, 2022: Russia’s Wagner private military company has started mass recruitment of russian prisoners who are suffering from serious infectious diseases such ...
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Is jergon sacha any use against viral infections such as HIV?

I've just been followed on twitter by @Jergon_Sacha who claims that the plant jergon sacha (which appears to be from the genus Dracontium) is Traditionally used for viral infections HIV, AIDS, ...
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Are HIV positive couples in China denied assisted reproduction methods?

In the following article on Xinhuanet, it is claimed that HIV carriers are not allowed access to assisted reproduction in China. As ...
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