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for questions about claims based on Himalayan salt, a pink crystal primarily formed from sodium chloride (NaCl) originating from the Punjab region of Pakistan.

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Is Arsenic Essential to Life?

A website selling Himalayan Salt advertises: As a trace mineral, arsenic is a necessary part of healthy blood. Small amounts of arsenic are essential to life. Is this claim true?
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Does Himalayan Salt have positive effects on the pH balance inside the human body?

FitLive writes in 10 Amazing Benefits of Pink (Himalayan) Salt: Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux Mercola makes the same claim in The 13 Amazing Health Benefits of ...
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Do salt lamps produce negative ions?

Do claims that Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions when lit with an incandescent bulb have any science to back it up?
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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps remove airborne contaminates?

While indirectly related to Himalayan salt caves due to their sourcing, Himalayan Salt Lamps are not quite the same. These lamps are sold for the dual purposes of mood lighting and supposed health ...
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Can a Himalayan crystal salt cave reduce stress?

Can "Himalayan crystal salt" (a.k.a. rock salt from Pakistan) reduce stress? "[Himalayan crystal salt] has a beneficial effect on the body of healthy people - significantly reduces stress, deepens ...
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