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Can scaring a person cure hiccups?

There is a popular belief that scaring a hiccuping person would cure the hiccups: This Straw Is Designed to Instantly Cure Hiccups Lots of folks will try to scare hiccups away with a shock or ...
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Does hiccuping / hiccoughing have any adverse effect on your health?

I have heard that hiccuping is very bad for you. I've even heard several times that each time you hiccup it shortens your lifespan by one day. Does an average bout of hiccuping have any adverse ...
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Does drinking water upside-down help cure hiccups?

I was under the impression that drinking water upside-down worked for curing hiccups (when they worked) merely due to a placebo effect, or at the very least didn't work any better than just drinking ...
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