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A multinational company known primarily for its search engines.

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Has there never been a virus infection in Chromebook history?

Diamond product expert (maximum level expert for Chromebooks) Jim Dantin stated in a community post that (quoting user) Chromebooks can be infected by viruses. (response) It's never happened to a ...
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Does Google Earth show missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with "bullet holes"?

According to this article in International Business Times, a man claims that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 can be seen on Google Earth. The article, dated 03/19/18 3:30 AM, says An ...
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Do small businesses that are on the Internet grow twice as fast?

Google claims in their Project Loon video (1:07) that (transcription mine): And because small businesses that are on the internet grow twice as fast, everyone could create new opportunities for ...
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Was iOS twice as memory-efficient as Android?

John Brownlee wrote, in 2014, on Cult of Mac: iOS is twice as memory-efficient as Android [...] As it turns out, an iPhone 6 with 1GB of RAM runs much faster than a similarly specced Android ...
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