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A multinational company known primarily for its search engines.

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Are phones listening to our conversations for ad targeting?

Are 'smartphones' (i.e. Google and social media) listening in on users' conversations for targetted advertising? I don't mean keeping a record of the voice commands we give virtual assistants, but ...
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Did the INR/USD exchange rate experience a spike around Oct-Nov 2023?

If we look at Google search's graph of INR/USD exchange rate, there is this big spike somewhere around October or November 2023. Did this happen for real, or does Google have buggy data?
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Is LaMDA, Google's AI, sentient?

In 2022, a Scientific American article quoted Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, who argued that LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) might be sentient, while other technical experts ...
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Has there never been a virus infection in Chromebook history?

Diamond product expert (maximum level expert for Chromebooks) Jim Dantin stated in a community post that (quoting user) Chromebooks can be infected by viruses. (response) It's never happened to a ...
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Did Google search manipulation push millions of voters towards Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election? [closed]

Donald Trump tweeted on August 19, 2019 Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, ...
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Does YouTube delete video dislikes?

On some YouTube videos, particularly highly downvoted ones, I often see comments asserting that their dislikes on the video are being deleted, either by YouTube or the channel itself. From the ...
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Was iOS twice as memory-efficient as Android?

John Brownlee wrote, in 2014, on Cult of Mac: iOS is twice as memory-efficient as Android [...] As it turns out, an iPhone 6 with 1GB of RAM runs much faster than a similarly specced Android ...
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Is Google causing 40% of the CO2 emission of all internet traffic?

In Switzerland we sometimes have not very well researched articles in the free newspaper '20 Minuten Friday'.They now claim in a video that Google is causing 40% of the CO2 emission of the internet ...
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Does Google Earth show missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with "bullet holes"?

According to this article in International Business Times, a man claims that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 can be seen on Google Earth. The article, dated 03/19/18 3:30 AM, says An ...
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Was 13 year old Tanmay Bakshi hired by Google?

There seems to be some kind of rumour going around that 13-year old Canadian-Indian boy Tanmay Bakshi was hired by Google. If you do a Google search for "tanmay bakshi google" you get lots of hits ...
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Was a new monument or building discovered in Petra with Google Earth and drones?

Numerous different reports from June 2016 state that a new building was found in Petra with Google Earth. I can't find any external verification of these reports. Has this building been excavated? Is ...
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Do people not understand why Google's AlphaGo made a particular move? [closed]

I was reading a UK Government paper on AI and technology and found this section to be slightly unbelievable. when Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo played Lee Sedol in March 2016 (see paragraph 3), the ...
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Was Sergei Brin a refugee?

According to the World Economic Forum: 5 refugees who changed the world ... Sergey Brin He might be one of America’s most famous entrepreneurs, but Sergey Brin was not actually born in the US. In ...
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Does Google hire "human filters"?

This youtube video The Worst Job at Google - The Human Filter; claims that Google hire people to inspect content, and determine if they contain illegal contents. It is based on a 2012 Buzzfeed story. ...
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Has Google Maps represented Palestine as a country in the past?

I saw quite recently, on social media, an AJ+ video expressing outrage at the fact that Google Maps does not depict Palestine as a country, instead tagging it as part of Israel and cordoning it off ...
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Do small businesses that are on the Internet grow twice as fast?

Google claims in their Project Loon video (1:07) that (transcription mine): And because small businesses that are on the internet grow twice as fast, everyone could create new opportunities for ...
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Is an amber background color better for reading at night?

Google Books app has the Night Light mode. It detects the time of the day and adjust the light accordingly. Is there any scientific study that backs up such statement? Update: Text from image: ...
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Did Google censor autosuggest results for Hillary Clinton?

There is currently a video by SourceFed being spread around the internet, claiming that Google appear to have censored autosuggest results in order to boost Hillary Clinton's campaign by excluding ...
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Is Google using ReCaptcha as a free source of human-intelligent labour?

Having worked at the Amazon Mechanical Turk for a long time, I find that some ReCaptcha questions are very similar to the 1c tasks there. Identify this, identify that. A search shows that several web ...
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Can google misuse important information from my documents? [closed]

As mentioned in google policies google reads your all document to improve their search and suggestion. But If I keep some important document on google drive, like : new business ideas, innovation ...
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Did Google's analysis of 41 shades of blue lead to 200 million dollars in extra revenue a year? [closed]

I was torn between posting this on Cross Validated, User Experience, or here, but here goes: Many have heard about how Google, not wanting to rely on the hunches of designers, tested 41 shades of blue ...
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