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The science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms.

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Is it possible to hatch dinosaurs from chicken eggs?

This article is one of many articles talking about re-enabling some dinosaur features in chicken. I don't know a lot about genetics or paleontology. Most articles I've found about the subject use ...
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Is it possible for ingested dsRNA (or other genetic materials) to affect human gene expression?

I am usually pretty skeptical about claims on the danger of genetically modified crops because the issue of health for me logically breaks down to: Do the genes altered produce toxic chemicals in a ...
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Is dandruff an indicator of an "unhealthy scalp?" Can a shampoo cure the underlying problem?

In this video (sponsored by Head and Shoulders) by Veritasium entitled "What Actually Causes Dandruff?", you can hear Dr. Jim Schwartz a Research Fellow at Head & Shoulders say: The ...
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Did BGI genetically test Uyghurs in Xinjiang?

In July of last year the U.S. Commerce Department publicly accused subsidiaries of BGI (formerly Beijing Genomics Institute) of genetically testing Uyghurs in Xinjiang as part of a campaign of ...
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Is an egalitarian inclination largely genetically determined?

A 2017 study titled A Genetic Basis of Economic Egalitarianism seems to have concluded that: We use Minnesota Twin Study data from 2008, collected from samples of monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs ...
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Was Zana from a relict hominid population?

Did Zana (a 19th century Russian "ape-woman") belong to a relict hominid population? In his 2015 book, "The nature of the beast: The first scientific evidence on the survival of apemen into modern ...
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Is it possible have a cell fusion by just injecting human sperm to an unfertilized chicken egg?

I stumbled upon these video documentation titled 'Humonculus' in Youtube (I know Youtube is not reliable source, but the video to me looks legit and well video documented) by channel named Planet ...
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Did Neanderthals keep Cro-Magnons as sex-slaves?

Some time ago, it was thought that modern people came from Cro-Magnons, and Neanderthals became extinct. But after the Neanderthal genome project, we found that modern people have from 1% to 4% of ...
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