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Does Hamas have 500 km of tunnels under Gaza?

In 2021, Hamas leader said "We have 500 km of tunnels in Gaza". The reason I find it dubious is due to speed of digging. Accodring to Wikipedia, a tunnel boring machine can dig in rock in a ...
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Has Hamas historically used protected civilian infrastructure as shields?

Whether al-Shifa hospital etc. host Hamas weapons and tunnels is under current dispute (although the videos of the under-hospital facilities keep pouring in). However these are not new claims by the ...
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Were the weapons shown in Gaza hospitals really left there by Hamas? [closed]

The IDF has released videos of weapons they claim were left in Gaza hospitals Rantisi and al-Shifa by Hamas members, to prove Hamas used these protected institutions for military purposes, rendering ...
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Did “thousands of Gazan citizens” join the 2023 Hamas attack on Israel?

One of the survivors of the Hamas music festival attack on the 7th of October 2023 has claimed the following: When I say “terrorist”, I am including not only Hamas but also the thousands of Gazan ...
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Are the death toll numbers from Gaza's Health Ministry reliable?

MEE reports: Biden told reporters at the White House that he has "no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth" about the number of people killed by Israel so far. "I'm sure ...
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