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Is filling multiple vehicles in one transaction at a gas station a safety hazard?

According to this gas station, pumping gasoline into more than one vehicle is a serious safety hazard: The gas station making this claim charges different customers different prices per gallon ...
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Does E15 fuel damage cars newer than 2001?

Blogger David Woodsmall warns that E15 fuel (that is a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline) might be bad for some cars that are not certified to accept it: One of the chief complaints by E15 ...
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Is it best not to use Reg 85/86 petrol at an elevation in place of 87?

There seems to be quite an amount of confusion over whether or not it's necessary to follow the manuals and fill up with 87 gasolene even at an elevation where 86 and 85 petrol is being sold as ...
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Does Shell's "Nitrogen enriched" gas have positive effects?

Shell gas stations here in Canada claim to be "nitrogen enriched"; WHY SHOULD YOU USE SHELL NITROGEN ENRICHED GASOLINE? It is the only gasoline that contains the patented and exclusive ...
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Does pumping gas when the tank is half full and on the low flow setting provide an economic benefit?

There is a chain post making the rounds in my social networks. It asserts that gasoline vapors can affect how much fuel you actually get. To minimize the amount of vapor passed through the nozzle/...
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Did banning lead additives in petrol (gasoline) make a large contribution to lowering lead levels in people's blood?

There has been a renewed interest recently in the effects of low doses of lead especially in children (see this question, for example: Is lead exposure responsible for the rise and fall of violent ...
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Does the gasoline of different gasoline brands have any real acknowledgable difference?

A friend of mine said that he could apparently get better mileage using Chevron oil instead of Shell's (and other brands). Is there any substance to this claim?
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Do lower speed limits reduce gasoline usage?

There are three parts to this question: Does speed have an effect on miles-per-gallon? Is there a more accurate causal effect than speed that would also cause a connection at varying speeds? (perhaps ...
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Would a large quantity of gasoline in a closed container explode violently when exposed to fire?

We've all seen the movies: Rambo runs over one of the terminals at a gas station, freeing the flow of gasoline to the street, the gasoline finds its way under a military vehicle, and the vehicle ...
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