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Do gas pods improve fuel efficiency?

I ran into this claim today about detachable car fins, and was wondering if there is any validity to it: about a five percent reduction in drag and corresponding five percent boost in fuel ...
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Are claims about saving power by turning appliances off instead of leaving them in standby accurate?

I keep hearing this argument that if you powered down all the appliances you normally leave on standby (TV, hifi, set top box, DVD/Blu ray player, computer, etc) you'll save nearly £90 a year in ...
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Can a Renault Megane drive 1700 km with 1 tank?

source See the above advert which claims that Renault Megane can cover 1700km with one tank. According to this link the Megane model has a fuel tank capacity of 60 Liters. Can the Megane cover 28.3 ...
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Is it best not to use Reg 85/86 petrol at an elevation in place of 87?

There seems to be quite an amount of confusion over whether or not it's necessary to follow the manuals and fill up with 87 gasolene even at an elevation where 86 and 85 petrol is being sold as ...
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