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for questions about claims based on the practice of oil fracking.

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Can fracking help reduce CO2?

The Guardian reports that the UK fracking tsar, Natascha Engel, has resigned and blamed anti-fracking activism for "fear-mongering", saying: “There is much to be optimistic about how developing ...
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Has fracking caused hundreds of earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Rachel Maddow on her show tonight showed a statistic that in 2011 when Pruitt became attorney general of Oklahoma, there were 34 earthquakes stronger than 3.0 on the Richter scale, and that grew to ...
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Is Russia funding environmentalist groups to protest fracking?

Leaked transcripts from a private Clinton speech suggest that Russia has given large amounts of money to environmentalist groups in Europe and the US to promote protests against fracking, according to ...
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Has fracking caused tap water to become flammable?

Stories abound about fracking causing tap water to become flammable. Here's a video of one such case. I first remember these videos becoming prominent when the movie Gasland came out. Like that ...
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is fracking inherently more contaminating than extracting or transporting crude oil, coal and non-fracking natural gas? [closed]

I keep reading about fracking and cases of contaminated water supplies. I would like to know if there is quantitative evidence of fracking being more disruptive to people's lives in the areas of ...
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Does "fracking" cause earthquakes?

The process of hydraulic fracturing or fracking uses fluid pressure to extract hydrocarbons from rock. There have been media reports in the UK linking a fracking operation to some minor earthquakes. ...
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Does hydraulic fracking endanger the drinking water supply?

According to an industry website the process of Hydraulic Fracturing (or "fracking") is safe. According to an article in the Huffington Post the process is not safe. At least, there is evidence the ...
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