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A term for fuels derived from the remains of plants or animals by geological processes over long time periods. A blanket term covering coal, oil, and natural gas.

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Is filling multiple vehicles in one transaction at a gas station a safety hazard?

According to this gas station, pumping gasoline into more than one vehicle is a serious safety hazard: The gas station making this claim charges different customers different prices per gallon ...
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Can Hemp free us from oil dependency?

Within this article it makes the claim that hemp oil is a viable alternative to crude oil. It doesn't go into any detail. It only states that hemp oil is a "clean fuel" while listing in the title "...
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Are home owners required by law to connect gas in Victoria, Australia?

The One Step Off The Grid website claims that home owners in Victoria are required to connect to the gas network. It does not give an easy way to verify this claim. Did you know Victoria’s building ...
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