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A term for fuels derived from the remains of plants or animals by geological processes over long time periods. A blanket term covering coal, oil, and natural gas.

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3 answers

Do coal plants release more radiation than nuclear power plants?

As a response to the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant I've heard the claim that fossil-fuel power plants using coal release more radiation than a nuclear power plant. I searched for some ...
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Is there a deep, hot biosphere?

Thomas Gold claims that oil is not aging vegetal or animal matter, but rather made continously from bacteria deep in the Earth's mantle (a 'deep hot biosphere') so that we would effectively never have ...
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Can an on-the-fly water electrolyzer linked to the air intake improve fuel efficiency of a gasoline engine?

This article initially seems to investigate so-called water powered cars. The final few paragraphs of the article however branches off into discussion about a system where (as I understand it): A car'...
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Does the time of day affect fuel economy?

One tip that I heard as a young driver was something along the following: Try to refuel in the early morning or in the evening as the denser gas will get you better fuel economy. Since then I ...
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