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for questions about claims based on football, a team sport.

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Did the Twitter account Fifndhs predict the exact World Cup results ahead of time?

There was a feeling of exhilaration and excitement on Twitter, with the Twitter account @FifNdhs called “FIFA Corruption” seemingly having predicted the final result of the World Cup final hours ahead ...
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Does North Korea propaganda falsely claim 2014 World Cup participation?

This video is being spread on Facebook. It purports to be a North Korean television segment that fraudulently tells the North Koreans that they are participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and ...
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Did Qatar spend 229 billion USD on the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Several sources claim that Qatar spent "at least" $229 billion in total over the past decade to prepare for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. I won't list all of the sources that make this ...
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Did NFL players used to remain in the locker room during the pre-game national anthem, prior to sponsorship by the Department of Defense?

Floating around Facebook Caption reads: Before 2009, NFL Players did not stand for the National Anthem, they stayed in the locker room. The custom didn't start until the Dept. of Defense gave the ...
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Is Qatar hiring fans to fake public interest in the world cup?

Many news sites (1, 2, 3) claim that Qatar is hiring hundreds of fake fans for the 2022 World Cup. Guardian Fans who have travelled to Qatar as part of a controversial paid-for supporters programme ...
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Did Brazilian football fans commit suicide inside the stadium after the loss to Uruguay in 1950?

An oft-repeated claim about the Uruguay v Brazil 1950 World Cup match is that upon the blowing of the final whistle, several Brazilian fans committed suicide inside the stadium. The LA Times says that ...
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Did Oliver Kahn deny children's penalty goals and thus, charity money?

There is a claim on Reddit, originally from Twitter, stating that Oliver Kahn denied all penalties from children, even though every goal was worth charity money. Original transcription: Currently ...
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Did Germany build their own training camp in Brazil in preparation for the World Cup?

This article claims: The Germans have made by far the most extravagant preparations. The delegation has built its own training facility in the scenic village of Santo André in Bahia, and the ...
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Did Mike Webster pull out and glue in his own teeth?

In the 2015 American biographical sports drama film Concussion, it is claimed that Mike Webster pulled his own teeth out and superglued them back in. Is this claim true?
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Do these five football players have exceptionally high IQs?

This article is one of many claiming that these handful of football players have exceptionally high IQs. Most of the football players in the world are evaluated based on physical health, ...
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Was the Super Bowl originally the Super Ball?

I've seen some various claims that the Super Bowl was originally called the Super Ball. Is this true?
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Does Manchester United have 659 million fans worldwide?

According to the Manchester United football club, they had 659 million followers worldwide in 2012. Manchester United has 659 million followers worldwide: 71 million in Americas 90 ...
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