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Were giant liver flukes (Fascioloides magna) ever consumed by humans?

The Wikipedia article on Fascioloides magna (giant liver fluke) claims that the parasitic species was once consumed primarily in Wisconsin and to a lesser extent in other parts of North America: In ...
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Is it possible to use microbes to grow protein from air and electricity?

Solar Foods claim they can use microbes to ferment an edible protein powder. Their process is described as follow: The process takes a single microbe, one of the billion different ones found in ...
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Is "virtually all the chicken meat we eat" from female birds?

I am confused by conflicting information I am finding online about the most common practices for raising chickens for meat. I found two sources that state that meat chickens are primarily female: ...
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Does it take 16 kg of CO2 equivalent to make two hamburgers?

Does it take 16 kg of CO2e to make two hamburgers? It seems an exaggeration It’s also worth putting the amount of carbon involved in having a Christmas tree in context. The Carbon Trust estimates ...
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Is the first pancake normally the worst?

It is a well-known piece of folk-wisdom that when making a batch of pancakes, the first one is always a dud. It is widespread enough that Urban Dictionary and others use it as an analogy for dating. ...
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Do KFC, McDonalds and Burger King kill about 1 billion animals every day?

I came across this post supporting beheading a cattle for Eid al-Adha Festival: Its states that KFC, McDonald's and Burger King kill about a billion animals each day. Is this true?
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Is 86% of the food fed to livestock unfit for human consumption, and is most of it byproducts of crops grown for human consumption?

Most sources I found imply that animal agriculture uses much more land and resources per unit of nutrition compared to plant agriculture for human consumption. A quick Google search shows that this is ...
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Does exported Ukrainian wheat (only) amount to 2.5% of the world's wheat production?

In May, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said: shortages of grain and fertiliser caused by the war, warming temperatures and pandemic-driven supply problems threaten to “tip tens ...
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Is canthaxanthin used in salmon farming toxic to human health?

Founder of Sea Shepherd and co-founder of Greenpeace, "Captain" Paul Watson (captain in what, I don't know) stated that Farmed Salmon is Poison 70% of salmon produced worldwide is farmed, ...
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