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Questions tagged [fashion]

for questions about claims based on fashion.

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2 answers

Did NFL player Brian Bosworth sell anti-Boz t-shirts to Denver Broncos fans?

NFL player/loudmouth Brian Bosworth had a well-publicized feud with John Elway and the Denver Broncos upon joining the league in 1988: The scene at Mile High Stadium for my first game against Elway ...
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Is the pope's headgear adopted directly from a Mesopotamian hat, symbol of worshipping Dagon, as seen in his fish mouth looking mitre?

The Roman bishop of the Catholic church is often wearing a mitre. Countless sites, 'that really know the hidden truth and tell it', make the connection of 'fish mouth' and 'Dagon priest', claiming ...
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Could a tattoo encode a wave form to reproduce significant sound sample? [closed]

I just ran into which sells "Soundwave Tattoos". My gut says tattoos cannot have high enough resolution to actually encode 15s of audio - even at speech quality. Reading all ...
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Are these "necropants" trousers made from human skin?

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik allegedly holds a pair of 17th century Icelandic trousers, made from a corpse. Warning, the image in the article is not for the faint of ...
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Does wearing black make you appear thinner?

Common fashion advice states that black is a slimming color, when one wears it, they appear slimmer looking. Is there any evidence this effect exists? What would cause it?
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What was Marilyn Monroe's dress size?

This question has gotten thrown around a lot, and the only reason I think it's appropriate here is because her dress size and status as a sex symbol are used in arguments about body image, BMI, and ...
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2 answers

Are neckties unhealthy?

Rumors in my office abound that neckties are bad for your health. One manager often scoffs that "they even did studies" and that ties impair blood flow. Checking Wikipedia offers a few hints but the ...
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Is women wearing burqas or veils ubiquitously in Islamic countries a recent happening?

I ran into an unsourced claim form one of the commenters of the Economist where the user makes a claim about the frequency of women wearing burqas and veil two generations ago (how much time spans a ...
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