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Questions tagged [experiments]

a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.

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Is the story of the Fourth Cookie true?

This story of a psychology experiment was told as part of a Commencement Address by author Michael Lewis. It has been quoted in a number of places around the web. They began by grabbing students, as ...
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Is Feynman's claim about the history of measurements of the charge of the electron after Millikan accurate?

In a 1974 speech Richard Feynman famously described an example of confirmation bias in science: One example: Millikan measured the charge on an electron by an experiment with falling oil drops, and ...
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Did a prisoner die from a needle prick when he was told that it was a snake bite?

I read somewhere that there was a prisoner facing a death sentence sometime before the 1950s, on whom a psychological experiment was conducted. Experiment: He was blindfolded and told that he would be ...
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Did the study mentioned by "The virginity fraud" TEDx Talk happen?

During 2017's TEDx Oslo Talk The virginity fraud, the presenters refer to a (supposed) study on the reliability of virginity testing around 9:15 mark: The absurdity of virgin testing is illustrated ...
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Is oenology real? [closed]

I am French so oenology is obviously a big thing here. I then read from time to time that it is, generally speaking, a scam - "scam" being defined in various ways: that the influence of the context (...
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Can blood transfusions lead to neurologic rejuvenation?

“We know [neurologic] rejuvenation exists. Now we have to figure out the bare minimum of therapeutics or genetic tinkering necessary for it to be safely translated into a human.” In the article ...
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Did the "Russian Sleep Experiment" happen?

While talking about scary things and war, my girlfriend acted surprised when she found that I don't know what "Nikolayev gas" is. When I opened up wikipedia and didn't find anything she told ...
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Did Benjamin Franklin perform an experiment by flying a kite in a lightning storm?

Is there any credible evidence that Benjamin Franklin actually did his famous kite experiment?
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Is this video of the Soviet Dog Revival Experiment real?

In this video a dog's head is brought back to life by artificially injecting blood and air. The dog's head reacted to sound and touch and used its tongue to taste. I am not skeptic about its ...
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In Milgram's studies (1963) were the volunteers alright after?

I heard some claims that most participants of Milgram's studies were happy they had done the experiment and were fine years latter, other times I've been told that the participants experienced ...
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Do fleas jump lower after being covered by lid? If so, do their offspring adjust to this lower height?

This is one of the popular experiments mentioned in motivational books. Here is summary from a motivational webpage: At the beginning of the experiment a number of fleas are placed in a jar. The ...
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3 answers

Do people's IQs change?

In a 1968 study of the Pygmalion Effect: Rosenthal and Jacobson gave an intelligence test to all of the students at an elementary school at the beginning of the school year. Then, they randomly ...
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Does the video Experiments in the Revival of Organisms depict genuine results?

The video in question, which is in the public domain. Warning: may contain disturbing imagery. The 20 minute 1940 Russian video purports to show the results ...
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Is yogurt affected by human emotions?

The documentary I Am (Wikipedia) (YouTube video) makes a number of claims, including that more signals are sent from the heart to the brain than vice-versa, and that the your emotion or mood can have ...
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Did Akakhievitch open up the patient's brain and, one by one, ablate several thousand neurons, each of which related to the concept of his mother?

Source: Once a brilliant Russian Neurosurgeon named Akakhi Akakhievitch had a patient who wanted to forget his ...
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Are blind listening tests flawed?

Blind listening tests are strongly critiqued by Robert Harley in this editorial, published in The Absolute Sound. Harley seems to think the tests prove nothing. Every few years, the results of some ...
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Do old master musical instruments sound better than their modern equivalents in blind trials?

Musicians who play string instruments often believe that some of the early examples of the modern form of their instruments produce better sound than recently-made examples with similar designs. This ...
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Experiments about the "power of thoughts" on cooked rice

Over the past few months a number of people (who don't know each other) have been telling me that I should try a "power of thoughts" experiment that's also known as "the rice experiment." They're ...
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Are some laundry detergents better than others?

As we were looking for laundry detergent yesterday, I noted that my wife was quite swayed by brand reputation/impressions than price. She stated that she didn't think one type of detergent really ...
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Are most published results relying on measures of statistical significance likely to be false?

This article, linked to by Glen, claims most published results are false. The argument is based on an analysis of how papers relying on statistical significance analyse and report their statistical ...
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