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for questions about claims based on ethics, a branch of philosophy concerning behavior.

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Have Josef Mengele’s unethical experiments contributed to modern medicine?

Josef Mengele, a.k.a. the “Angel of Death”, was an infamous physician and SS officer in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he performed inhumane experiments on inmates. To give a taste, He ...
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Human Cloning. Has it already happened in 2009?

There are obviously many issues involved with human cloing. Some for. Some against. Has this already happened? Apparently a Dr. Zavos claimed to have done so in 2009, but is there any validity or ...
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Does being rich increase unethical behavior?

I saw this video on which is based on the study Higher social class predicts unethical behavior from Berkeley university. It basically argues, that being rich makes people behave more ...
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Have public figures been recently fired for "touching a knee"

In the wake of sexual assault/impropriety revelations, I hear a lot of people claim that these situations often unjust. Recently, 100 french women, including Catherine Deneuve published a letter, ...
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Does evolutionary psychology predict that humans will be more altruistic to those who are similar?

I read that in "The Red Queen" by Matt Ridley. Racism and xenophobes are samples of these behavior. Is this true? And if it's true, how does that work? For example. Evolutionary psychology predict ...
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Was research by Nazi doctors use as a precursor for some cancer treatments?

I have been told that some experiments done by Nazi doctors became the precursor for some early work in radiotherapy and other cancer treatments. Although, this may very easily be Nazi sympathizer ...
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Do they grind up chicks for breakfast omelets? [closed] This story is on Facebook, about a video showing chicks being ground up to make breakfast omelets. Is this real or ...
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Are moral philosophers more moral than other philosophers?

Part of the plot of the simultaneously funny and profound television show The Good Place revolves around a professor of moral philosophy trying to teach some not very moral people how to be good. And ...
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