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Do cigarettes emit three times as much particulates as an idling diesel engine?

We can see that cities like Melbourne are pushing far the smoking bans Often smoking is compared to car pollution, and is said to be insignificant But, according to this experiment A turbo diesel ...
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Is studying while sick bad for your brain?

The New Straits Times reported: Working unduly hard or studying while sick may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damaging it. P-Healthcare blog reports one of the "Top ...
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Does CS tear gas permanently damage children?

In the final assault ending the 1993 siege of a compound in Waco, Texas , in which 76 people were killed, the FBI fired 40mm M651 CS and Ferret CS rounds into buildings containing adults and children ...
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Does sharing earphones increase the risk of middle ear infections?

A Google search reveals many claims that sharing earphones is unhealthy. Marie Claire magazine provides an example: Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental health at the ...
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Do fireworks kills birds, dogs and other animals?

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, celebrated with fireworks. My closest friend on Facebook shared this picture on my wall: Happy Diwali Thousands of birds, dogs & other animals die out of ...
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Do pesticides containing EDCs cause IQ loss, obesity and cryptorchidism?

Recently, there have been news reports about Endochrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) have sprung up, such as this February 2015 Guardian article. Draft EU criteria could have banned 31 pesticides ...
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Do covered [drinking water] reservoirs cause health risks compared to open-air reservoirs?

Bull Run is a political group opposed to covering drinking water reservoirs in Portland, Oregon. They making a number of claims that closed reservoirs introduce greater health risks than ...
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Does extremely low frequency radiation from mobile phones and tablets have adverse health effects?

Is ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation emitted by the electrical appliances' battery's current considered to have adverse health effects, or is this radiation too low to be considered? I'd like ...
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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps remove airborne contaminates?

While indirectly related to Himalayan salt caves due to their sourcing, Himalayan Salt Lamps are not quite the same. These lamps are sold for the dual purposes of mood lighting and supposed health ...
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Does wetting your toothbrush have health effects?

Today I read a tweet from @Funny_Truth: "Don't wet your toothbrush after you put toothpaste. Water will reduce the healthy benefits of toothpaste." Is it true? If it is what does actually ...
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Do some people take several weeks to adjust to the spring DST clock change?

In this proposal on the European Parliament website about Daylight Savings Time (DST), it is claimed that (emphasis mine): Some studies indicate that summer-time arrangements could ...
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Do Föhn winds cause migraines and mental illness?

Föhn winds are dry, warm winds which occur in the lee of mountain ranges. According to Wikipedia föhn winds have been long associated with negative health impacts, especially in German-speaking Europe,...
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Does a 400ppm ambient CO2 increase result in a 21% decline in cognitive function "across all domains"?

Apparently VOCs and CO2 in a conventional building will make you half or around 3/4 as smart/performing as you are. On average, cognitive scores were 61% higher on the Green building day and 101% ...
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Does commercially-produced cotton cloth contain unhealthy chemicals that cause fertility problems?

The article Czy Twoje ubrania Cię trują? "Wchłaniamy chemię przez skórę. Stąd np. problemy z płodnością" (Do your clothes poison you? "We absorb chemicals through the skin, hence, for example, ...
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Did SF grocery bag ban cause at least an additional 5.4 deaths a year due to bacteria in reusable grocery bags?

The paper Grocery Bag Bans and Foodborne Illness (Klick & Wright, 2012) claims that Our results suggest that the San Francisco ban led to between 5.4 and 15.8 additional deaths. The logic ...
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Do household air purifiers prevent illness?

Air purifiers that use glass-fiber HEPA material are said to reduce contaminant in the air that can cause illness, including cold and flu viruses, cigarette smoke. One example is, Are Air Purifiers ...
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Is Paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil) in cosmetics dangerous?

Paraffinum liquidum can be found in a lot of cosmetic products. Some articles say it is harmless but the other half said it causes harmful effects such as the premature aging of the skin. Examples of ...
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Must one reapply physical sunscreen every two hours?

I have read from several sources online* that any suncreen, even physical sunscreen, must be reapplied at least every 2 hours (or more frequently if you've been swimming or sweating). For chemical ...
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Am I drinking myself sick from the plastic in tea bags?

You’d probably be surprised to learn that most tea bags contain up to 25% plastic. ... says Green Child magazine, and thus A cup of tea contains ... plastic ... at 16 micrograms per cup... plastic ...
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Do long sessions of computer use damage the user's skin?

I believe that regularly spending long periods of time facing computers monitors while using them significantly damages the skin. The Daily Mail reported in 2018: According to [Rebecca Mason, skin ...
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Does eating seedless fruit cause infertility?

Eden Tosch of The Ayurveda Experience argues against eating seedless fruit (such as seedless watermelon, grapes, lemons, tangerines and oranges). Eating the fertile, nutritious and rich part of a ...
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Is the illegal nuclear waste at The Westlake Nuclear Landfill a risk to public health?

This Question refers to the 1 of 3 the nuclear landfill sites in residential/commercial areas in the St. Louis, MO area. These landfills are a result of the leftovers from the Manhattan Project ...
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Are we running out of drinking water so that we need to be frugal with it?

I’ve read in the news that a majority of earth’s population might run out of drinking water. As with many of these kind of predictions it’s difficult to judge the urgency and correctness of it ...
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Is typical indoor concentration of VOC correlated to concentration of CO₂?

A vendor of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sensor claims the VOC concentration correlates highly to CO₂ concentration in a typical conference room: Figure 2 illustrates the correlation of true CO₂ ...
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Are the chemical compounds BPA, BPS and BPF harmful to humans?

According to the following article by Time, and the study that it cites, several compounds of the chemical bisphenol - used in commonly-handled products like shopping receipts and plastic containers ...
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Do closed closet doors keep moths out?

Some sites suggest that closed doors can keep moths out. Others report that keeping the closet doors closed does not help with moth control. So, does it?
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Does forest therapy (Shinrin-yoku) improve the immune system?

According to, forests help to improve the immune system, including the part that fights cancer: But in the past several decades there have been many scientific studies that are ...
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Does releasing hydroxyl (OH) into the air purify it safely?

Companies like Air Oasis have products that promise to purify the air by: The Air Oasis brands of Air Purifiers that we carry use a unique nano Nickle catalytic hydration process to create powerful ...
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