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Use this tag for questions on insects and spiders. Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of arthropodology. Historically this also included other arthropods such as arachnids (spiders).

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Can a wasp ingest and use a snake's venom?

Some people claim that if one comes across a dead venomous snake one should always cut of and bury the head as otherwise wasps could reach the venom and add it to their own stinger, for example this ...
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Do Ostrich Eggs repel Spiders?

After someone told me that Ostrich eggs repel Spiders I had to google it. I haven't been able to find a scientific explanation but throughout the Internet there are a lot of articles that mention it ...
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Does baking soda eliminate a cockroach infestation?

My questions concerns a population, more significant than simply exterminating an individual cockroach. Claim: If you're ...
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Does Marmite keep away mosquitoes?

I saw this rather weak claim in this BBC news article: Several newspapers, including the Guardian, the Sun and the Daily Telegraph, have claimed the yeasty spread to be the perfect defence against ...
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Do cloves in an apple repel fruit flies

Some cloves in apples have recently appeared in our office. Apparently they will repel fruit flies. They look exactly like the result of following these instructions. Is there any evidence to suggest ...
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Do horse chestnuts deter spiders?

In my area, there is a common belief that conkers (horse chestnuts) spread throughout the house deter spiders from entering. A writer for heard similar tales: With a little more digging, I ...
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Can the Australian funnel-web spider bite through fingernails?

National Geographic says the following about the Australian funnel-web spider: The fangs of a funnel-web spider are very strong—they can pierce through shoe leather and fingernails. I'm not ...
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Do ants feed on pure honey?

Honey vendors say that to identify pure honey drop a spoonful of honey. If the ants don't feed it is pure. For example: Leave a little of testing honey near some ants, if the ants hover around it ...
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Do "yellow"-light bulbs attract fewer bugs than standard bulbs?

I read a article on eHow which claims that that yellow light-bulbs attract fewer bugs. Replace outdoor lights with "yellow" bulbs which attract fewer bugs than standard outdoor bulbs. Is it true?
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Do decoy wasp nests work?

Some people put up fake wasp nests in an attempt to deter real wasps from building nests nearby. According to Do Wasp Nest Decoys Work?: Wasps are unlikely to be deterred by fake nests. Although not ...
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Are the leaves of bean plants effective for controlling bed bugs?

From the National Geographic article Can We Fake Leaves That Stab Bed Bugs in the Feet? But in the Balkan countries of southeastern Europe, there’s an old folk remedy that might be the insects’ ...
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Do Florida woods cockroaches (aka Palmetto bugs) commonly sell for ~US$80/kg in China?

According to this article on Yahoo news, citing a similar South China Morning Post article, Yuan Meixia bought her initial stock of 20kg of cockroaches for around US$1600: Yuan, a pharmacy ...
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Does light pollution matter for Insect declines and agroecosystems?

Recently it was claimed that the increase in artificial light at night was a significant contributor to the 'ecological armageddon' of decreasing insect populations. It was further argued that the ...
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Any science behind folk remedies for mosquito bites?

My child is one of those people who is really attractive to mosquitoes, and she tends to obsess and itch them open — gross. This has prompted much well-meaning folk advice about itches, like this: So,...
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Do closed closet doors keep moths out?

Some sites suggest that closed doors can keep moths out. Others report that keeping the closet doors closed does not help with moth control. So, does it?
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Does esbiothrin kill mosquitos?

I recently made use of an esbiothrin insecticide spray I bought in Europe. I've been using this product for a while now, with good results, I found it to be completely useless when used in Morocco. ...
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