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Questions tagged [energy-efficiency]

for questions about claims based on energy efficiency.

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Are insulating window films worth it?

I'm curious if tests have been conducted to evaluate the energy efficiency gains and resultant savings produced by insulating window films like these 3M Window Insulator Kits. (There are also films ...
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Is it more environmentally friendly to stir hot drinks with pasta?

In the café where I work, somebody tried introducing pasta, spaghetti in particular, in place of purpose-made wooden sticks, for stirring hot drinks, as it was thought to be more "environmentally ...
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Does the 3M mouse pad extend battery life up to 50% or 75%?

The 3M company has a product called 3M™ Precise™ Mouse Pad with Repositionable Adhesive Backing and Battery Saving Design, MP200PS that claims to: Battery saving design extends battery life of ...
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Can Hemp free us from oil dependency?

Within this article it makes the claim that hemp oil is a viable alternative to crude oil. It doesn't go into any detail. It only states that hemp oil is a "clean fuel" while listing in the title "...
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