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Was Elon Musk financially supported by his parents in college and his business or is he self-made?

The Independent writes: As a result of this, the teenage Elon Musk once walked the streets of New York with emeralds in his pocket. His father said: “We were very wealthy. We had so much money at ...
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Is Elon Musk's jet trackable using only public data?

According to Elon Musk: My plane is actually not trackable without using non-public data This is a part of an ongoing controversy surrounding the bans on accounts posting the location of his private ...
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Did Elon Musk falsely claim to have a degree in science?

Elon Musk's Wikipedia page states that he has bachelor's degrees in physics and economics, referencing various sources including a biography by Ashlee Vance. … the University of Pennsylvania, where ...
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Did Elon Musk pay more in taxes than every politician in the world combined?

A tweet claims Elon Musk paid more in tax than every politician on earth combined: Which, if correct, is extraordinary. So, did he?
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Were the Starlink units for Ukraine not paid by Musk?

In reply to Elon Musk's (controversial) peace plan for Ukraine, someone tweeted that USAID and other paid for Strlinks, you fake philanthropist. (A tweet with 6000+ "likes", so reasonably ...
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Does Elon Musk's Starlink system play a significant role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

The DW article Ukraine is using Elon Musk's Starlink for drone strikes about the use of Starlink to provide internet in Ukraine is suggesting that it is playing a role in, e.g., the way president ...
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Could Elon Musk sell $US6 billion in stock “right now”?

Recently (26 October 2021), CNN published an article with the eye-catching headline: 2% of Elon Musk's wealth could solve world hunger, says director of UN food scarcity organization This was ...
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Did Elon Musk put up a billboard saying "Defend billionaires"?

Seen in Twitter (also posted in Reddit)
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Did Elon Musk's bitcoin transactions release more carbon in a few days than the amount saved by all Teslas ever sold?

In The Guardian, on May 29, 2021, Adam Greenfield writes: Elon Musk’s recent large-scale transactions in proof-of-work-based Bitcoin released more carbon into the atmosphere in just a few days than ...
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Would Elon Musk's Hyperloop be cheaper than high speed rail?

Today, Elon Musk revealed the long-awaited open source plans for the Hyperloop. In those plans [pdf], Musk states that the passenger version of the Hyperloop can be built for $6 billion, while the ...
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