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Questions tagged [elevators]

for questions about claims based on elevators. Elevators (also referred to as lifts) are vertically moving vehicles designed to transport people and freight within a building.

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Would lying down be safer than standing in a free-falling elevator?

It said that the best way to survive a falling elevator is to lie down flat on the floor to distribute the impact evenly on your whole body. 2012 New York Times article: Q. If I find myself in a free-...
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Do elevators increase radiation from cell phone use?

Literally every elevator I’ve been in during my stay in Israel has a sign which says that cell phone use is prohibited - not because of disturbing other passengers, or because the metal car blocks the ...
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Is there only one known death caused by a falling elevator?

'Of the 20 to 30 elevator-related deaths each year, most of them are maintenance-related — for example, technicians leaning too far into the shaft or getting caught between moving parts, and most of ...
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Does the "Nonstop Elevator Hack" work?

I stumbled across this claim pretty often in the last few years. Now the problem is that I wasn't able to reproduce it but maybe it was just because I rarely visit tall buildings with multiple floors ...
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Are there any known cases of falling elevators?

In the movies falling elevators aren't rare. However, given that elevators are protected by safety devices, is it even possible for elevator to fall?
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Is it possible to suffocate if you get trapped in an elevator for a long period of time?

I live on the 21st floor of a building and I ride an elevator everyday. I was wondering if I got stuck in the elevator for an extended length of time, could I use up all of the air in the elevator ...
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Do elevator manufacturers purposefully provide a door close button that doesn't work?

I've read the above factoid many times, but sources are conflicting as to whether or not its true; that is, some say there's a set timer on door openings and closings that can't be budged by pressing ...
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Do hotels omit the 13th floor?

(Image source) Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. But do (western) hotels cater to this phobia by skipping/omitting the 13th floor? This USA Today article (2007) quotes J.W. Marriott Jr., ...
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