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Electronics deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components and associated passive interconnection technologies. Use this when asking about electronic devices, electronic design and use (or misuse) of some devices.

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Does the 3M mouse pad extend battery life up to 50% or 75%?

The 3M company has a product called 3M™ Precise™ Mouse Pad with Repositionable Adhesive Backing and Battery Saving Design, MP200PS that claims to: Battery saving design extends battery life of ...
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Is it possible to fix stuck LCD pixels using flashing colours?

The LCD of my $700 smartphone has a stuck subpixel (blue, almost invisible due to the high screen resolution). There are literally dozens of apps that claim to fix stuck pixels. For example: Here's ...
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Terabytes of data generated by Boeing Jet every hour

2010 article from gigaom ( Sensor Networks Top Social Networks for Big Data) says that twin engine Boeing Jet aircraft ...
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Can an RFID tag be identified at distance in the real world?

For example, this guy says: To that end, the ZRK [Japanese alien ID card] has an embedded IC Chip with RFID technology, which, as I have argued for years now, is a means to remotely track NJ [non-...
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Do sparks from a cigarette lighter fix dead zones on touch screen?

There are many forums posts and videos on the "lighter trick" which fixes touch screens dead zones (at least temporarily) such as The YouTube video Nokia Lumia Touchscreen Dead Zone Fix With ...
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Does the Sion electric car solar cells provide enough charge for up to 30km travel per day?

Sonomotors have an electric car, the Sion. They claim that this car use its own solar-cells to charge the batteries in one day sufficient to drive up to 34km. Their information sheet says: Thus, ...
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Is the risk of explosion increased by calling and charging a cell phone at the same time?

I have often heard that charging a cell phone and calling in the same time may cause the cell phone to explode. Here is a Facebook page that has pictures of what is claimed to be one such example. [...
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