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The planet on which we live — the third planet from the sun. It consists of an inner core made of iron and nickel, an outer core of liquid metal, a mantle, and, on the outside, a crust.

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Was the Earth originally smaller and ocean-free?

This article on Viewzone proposes that the Earth used to be smaller, and the existing continents fitted neatly together, covering the entire globe with land. As the Earth expanded, the oceans formed, ...
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Is the Bible (Christian and Hebrew) the first one to suggest that the Earth is a sphere?

This website claims that the bible is the first to suggest that earth is a sphere way before the Greeks. A literal translation of Job 26:10 is “He described a circle upon the face of the waters, ...
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Proof that the earth is round? [closed]

There are people claiming that the earth is flat. Most notably the flat earth society. While I believe this is mostly run by people with good knowledge of science having a fun side-project, I'm having ...
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