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Does flicking your fingers while your palms are on your ears cure tinnitus?

Go90 published a video that was shared by George Takei on Facebook, garnering many millions of views. It shows some anecdotal evidence of a handful of long-term tinnitus sufferers apparently being ...
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Does sharing earphones increase the risk of middle ear infections?

A Google search reveals many claims that sharing earphones is unhealthy. Marie Claire magazine provides an example: Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental health at the ...
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Does regular earplug usage come with health risks? [closed]

SteadyHealth writes: Regardless, wearing these earplugs in the long run may prove to have certain health risks as well. The long-term earplugs may lead to excessive accumulation of earwax and ...
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Does "reverse sound technology" make headphones safer?

Purebuds Earphones claims that their use of "Reverse Sound Technology" makes their earbuds safer, preventing hearing damage. I searched for a scientific study of this technology, or at least a good ...
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Do trackers hold their ears to the ground?

There is a trope (in movies and cartoons and elsewhere) of Native American (or other) trackers are sometimes depicted as listening to the ground to presumably hear far away horses or other animals ...
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Can ultrasound be passed over the skin to be heard by the ear?

The company Skinlearning claims (in German), that one can learn "over the skin" with their uSonic device. Their site says: So können Sie Ihren Lernstoff permanent wiederholen und damit in Ihrem ...
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Are the location of brain-tumours linked to which ear you use a cell-phone with?

In the meta-analysis Cell phones and brain tumors: a review including the long-term epidemiologic data, they find that: The results indicate that using a cell phone for > or = 10 years ...
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Can hearing aids "repair" hearing issues thanks to brain plasticity?

I'm 24 and for some undetermined reason, I have hearing loss exclusively from the left ear and this, from my childhood. Nothing (treatment, surgery, etc) can be done to cure my ear so I decided to see ...
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How sensitive are human ears?

I read about this on a question on Quora, and found a source for the fact below: When a pin is dropped, the sound reaching the human ear causes the eardrum to move by a distance less than the ...
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Does ringing ears after a concert mean hearing loss? [closed]

According to this website, Tinnitus (or ear ringing) is proven by scientists to be the result of an alerting loss of hearing ability. The reasons behind this might be varying from the normal ...
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Is there any correlation between the ear to which you hold the phone and the person on the other end?

On a Big Bang Theory episode (sec 56) Leonard is talking over the phone and everyone wonders who's the person on the other side, afterward Sheldon claims: This should be fairly easy to deduce. He’s ...
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Are bone conduction headphones safer with regards to hearing loss?

In this video, at about 1:35, a claim is made that bone conduction headphones are safer with regards to hearing loss, because the sound doesn't "affect the eardrum". Is that true? I thought hearing ...
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Can listening to music through headphones damage my hearing?

Assuming that the decibel level is the same with and without headphones in, does headphone use damage my hearing? I have found several articles that talk about this, but they don't cite scientific ...
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Do we need to clean our ears (remove earwax)?

Last year, I read on a newspaper that a research found that we do not need, or should not, clean our ears as the earwax comes out naturally and sticking in cotton swabs can damage our ears. Is my ...
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Can you "learn" to wiggle your ears? [closed]

My friend knows how to wiggle his right ear only, and I tried to wiggle my ears as well, but he told me that I can't learn it, it has to be natural. Is there any study on this, or is it actually ...
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