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Did Burj Khalifa cause the surrounding malls and shops to increase revenue?

Wikipedia claims: The concept of profitability derived from building high density developments and malls around the landmark has proven successful. Its surrounding malls, hotels and condominiums in ...
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Is the sewage from the Burj Khalifa transported away by trucks?

There are several articles and videos on the net claiming that the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is not connected to a wastewater treatment plant by a sewer system, but that instead the sewage is ...
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Can Dubai make it rain with drones that emit electric charges?

In this post from LinkedIn there is a video of a bunch of rain fall, the post says, Dubai is making it rain (artificially). Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are using electrical charges from ...
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Does Dubai impose prison time or even the death penalty for victims of rape? [closed]

In Dubai, if a person becomes a victim of a rape, and it's clear that s/he was forced (that is, the victim is not being suspected or accused of voluntary extra-marital sex), could the justice in ...
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