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Questions tagged [dolphins]

a carnivorous aquatic mammal that typically have streamlined bodies, flippers, and fins.

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Did Enzo Maiorca rescue a pregnant dolphin and did he get a "kiss" from the mate

I am seeing this post go around facebook with 33k likes and 62k shares: ”The famous Italian diver Enzo Mallorca (sic) dove into the sea of ​​Syracuse and was talking to his daughter Rossana who was ...
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Did 800 children in Hong Kong protest against dolphin hunting in Taiji?

From (and others, accounts such as , and the geographically challenged https://...
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Is dolphin hunting in Taiji unsustainable?

In the article "Dolphin hunt claim denied" (page 3 of mX Sydney, 25 March 2015), Australia for Dolphins chief executive Sarah Lucas refers to "the violent and unsustainable dolphin hunts in Taiji". ...
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Did India declare dolphins "non-human person" status?

This story did the rounds at the start of the year, and I see it getting quoted again now in comments in various news sites. Here is Daily Kos's quote of a press release: “Whereas cetaceans in ...
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Glut of dolphin meat in Japan going into pet food?

Is there any truth behind the claim that Japan doesn't need all the dolphin meat it gets and the excess is being passed off to the pet food industry because there is little demand for the meat or they ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Do dolphins rape humans?

Do dolphins rape humans? Comment on a dolphin-related question: [I have] no idea if they rescue humans when drowning but I know that there are documented cases of them raping people! (as a side-...
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Do dolphins help humans to the surface?

There are many stories of drowning humans being rescued by Dolphins. Are these just tales or does this actually occur?
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45 votes
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Do dolphins have homosexual "blowhole" sex?

In his comedy act, Ricky Gervais shows examples of homosexuality in nature, all of them from the book "Biological Exuberance, animal homosexuality and natural diversity" by Bruce Bagemihl. One of the ...
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Do dolphins attack dangerous sharks?

I've heard numerous anecdotal claims of people being rescued from shark attacks by dolphins. One source mentions that such rescues happen "surprisingly often", and cites three unreferenced incidents, ...
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