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a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice.

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Does a dog's brain secrete the same substances when it sees its owner as humans do when in love?

The following statement is doing to the rounds across the social web: When a dog sees its owner, its brain secretes the same substances as ours when we are in love It is usually accompanied by an ...
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Is it safe for dogs to eat cooked chicken bones?

I've always been told not to let dogs eat cooked chicken bones since they can easily splinter/fracture and cause problems for the dog but I've never seen any satisfactory evidence of this and I am ...
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Does normal paper currency contain enough narcotics residue to attract a drug-sniffing dog?

It seems pretty well established that paper currency (e.g. in the US) is commonly contaminated with trace amounts of cocaine or other illegal narcotics. (See Snopes for instance, though I'm happy to ...
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Is it possible to train dogs to detect hypoglycemia?

Many people have claimed that dogs can be trained to detect hypoglycemia. For example: For example, we have discovered that dogs have the ability to smell chemical changes in our bodies when ...
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Can dogs detect human cancer?

I heard several times that dogs could detect cancer before it was detected by humans. Can Dogs Smell Cancer? There are many published studies that prove dogs can detect cancer through breath ...
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Do antioxidants improve immune responses in dogs?

The claim "Antioxidants can also be important in improving immune responses in dogs." is being made on this web page. They go on to say Because antioxidants play a key role in minimizing damage to ...
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