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Questions tagged [dna]

A long chain biological polymer that acts as a store of genetic information using the sequence of 4 bases held inside a double spiral made from a sugar-containing backbone.

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45 votes
3 answers

Can an RNA vaccine change your DNA permanently?

I was sent this recent Food For Thought YouTube video. It contains a number of wild claims about vaccinations. In particular, it contains snippets of edited, unsourced footage of Bill Gates saying: ...
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5 answers

Does DNA add credibility to the theory of evolution?

I have yet to make up my mind regarding the theory of evolution. Whilst doing some reading on dnafish I read that DNA itself provides evidence for the theory of evolution: Yeast, trees, flowers, ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Does 528 Hz "facilitate DNA repair"?

There is a somewhat common belief that playing a tone at 528Hz can help to facilitate DNA repair. Examples: The frequency of 528 Hz supposedly has healing effects on DNA. The frequency seems to ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Is there more genetic difference between men and women than men and male chimpanzees?

I got into trouble with someone yesterday for poo-pooing this idea as it smelled of apples and oranges to me. The specific statistic was that genetically there is a 5% difference between men and ...
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Do humans share 99% of their DNA with rats?

I keep hearing this claim that a lab "rat has 99% of the DNA of a human?" Is that so? What exactly does this mean? One source for this claim seems to CNN which only says, "About 99 percent of genes ...
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Ancestral DNA tests [closed]

A friend of mine recently took a DNA ancestry test using one of these mail-order services. Sadly he did not provide the name of the company used. According to his results, he has partial Native ...
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