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Questions about pathology; impairments of health or a condition of abnormal bodily functions.

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Have fleas caused more human deaths from plague than wars?

In Amateur Entomologists' Society, it is stated that: But the most serious flea borne disease is Yersinia pestis, or plague (known in the Middle Ages as the Black Death). This is a disease of rats ...
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Is red meat responsible for one in ten early deaths?

The red meat and cancer link has already been addressed here: Does eating meat increase your risk for cancer? But recent reports suggest a broader more worrying relationship to variety of other ...
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Do saturated fats cause heart diseases? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are saturated fats unhealthy? Based on the answers posted on this earlier question and the recent video that I saw on youtube that claims that Fat does NOT cause heart ...
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Is eating fish and drinking milk at the same time linked with skin disease?

I heard from several people that drinking milk or dairy products while eating fish can lead towards a special skin pigmentation disorders such as different skin color or bright spots on skin. I ...
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Do disposable face masks prevent or significantly reduce the spread of disease?

Our local Pediatrician's office and General Practitioner's office both have a policy of giving a disposable face mask to each patient or visitor who has a noticeable cough or runny nose, and insist ...
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Do chocolate bars cause pimples?

My mother always told me "eating that chocolate bar will give you pimples." Is there any truth to the claim? I did find an article on that verifies that this is a common myth, and suggests ...
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