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Questions about pathology; impairments of health or a condition of abnormal bodily functions.

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Getting ill because of staying in a draft/draught?

In Germany it’s a common belief that drafts/draughts can make you ill. Because of that, car and train windows typically get/stay closed, even when it’s really hot; and, for instance, on a warm day in ...
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Does legalizing of prostitution lead to lowered spread of STIs in the general population?

I've found a number of articles claiming that legalizing prostitution is linked to lowed STIs. I could link a dozen other articles. Every one makes slightly different claims but they all seem to ...
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Should a tick be removed by pulling (with tweezers)?

I have recently been bitten by a tick. Obviously I don't want to catch some disease (or infection). In my search for how to remove it, I discovered this page: Center for Disease Control and ...
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Do students on paediatrics rotations get sick a lot?

From 3rd years get sick on peds alot. Peds or EM during the winter months pretty much maximizes your odds of getting something. Do students ...
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Do cleaning agents in the gym stop the spread of disease?

My gym (like almost every other gym) has specific instructions that people must wipe down equipment after using it. This is in addition to the regular (daily) cleaning done by the staff. The gym ...
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Does female genital mutilation reduce the risk of a woman's partner getting HPV?

If you love your husband Get yourself circumcised Because the germs under your prepuce Can reach his mouth when he pleasures your clitoris And cause him oral cancer ... The culprit ...
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Can this Ayurvedic concoction reduce chances of swine flu?

The Indian Government is openly distributing an Ayurvedic Kadha ( concoction) that claims to reduce the chances of contracting Swine Flu. They're doing this along with the sale of vaccines for Swine ...
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"For generations it was considered improper to die of cancer"?

In On the Accuracy of Economic Observations (1963, 2e, p. 23), Oskar Morgenstern claims that for generations it was considered improper to die of cancer, hence little mention of this disease. I ...
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Do an estimated 1 in 3 Americans have an undiagnosed thyroid disease?

I came across an advertisement for the movie The Thyroid Secret, which claims (sic caps): [Shocking] 1 in 3 Americans Have Thyroid Disease And Are Often Told That They are Crazy, Fat or Lazy, When ...
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