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Questions tagged [diabetes]

A range of human diseases where the ability to regulate blood-sugar is compromised leading, if untreated, to a range of long term chronic harms. In type 1 diabetes insulin production is compromised; in type 2, cells fail to respond adequately to the insulin levels in the body.

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Do the teachings of Bhagavad Gita help to defeat diabetes?

As published in Times of India in 2018: Researchers say that the communication between Arjuna and Lord Krishna as enunciated in Bhagavad Gita could be utilised to cope with illness, especially ...
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Can the BCG vaccine cure type 1 diabetes?

There are two principal types of diabetes which are very different diseases, though they have similar symptoms. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body's ability to make insulin is ...
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Can a Diabetic Alert Dog detect changes in blood sugar 15 minutes earlier than a glucose meter?

The claim: I caught a segment about Diabetes Alert Dogs on of a TV show called The Doctors in my office's lunch room, and saw the following claim, which is repeated in an article on their website ...
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Does milk from Holstein cows cause diabetes?

According to this article, milk from Holstein cows might have downsides and many health consequences including diabetes. But I am having a hard time finding more articles that bring up the same topic....
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Is it possible to train dogs to detect hypoglycemia?

Many people have claimed that dogs can be trained to detect hypoglycemia. For example: For example, we have discovered that dogs have the ability to smell chemical changes in our bodies when ...
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Is radioactive milk being sold in inner-city black neighbourhoods in New York?

I recently had this article come across my newsfeed: Radiated Milk Sold in Black Neighbourhoods I always wondered about the high rates of cancer and diabetes in my neighborhood, and in other ...
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Non-alcoholic fatty liver and juvenile type 2 diabetes: rising incidence or just more diagnosis?

I've repeatedly heard the claim, often from anti-fructose advocates, that there is a skyrocketing prevalence of two formerly rare disorders: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and juvenile type ...
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Can Okra treat Diabetes?

A work colleague has been taking Okra to treat his type 2 diabetes. There are many article over the internet claiming the benefits of Okra for the treatment of diabetes, including (but not limited to) ...
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Does keeping your carbohydrate intake at 20-25% of your total caloric intake reduce insulin-resistance diseases?

From this article Excess Stomach Acid Mimics Hunger Reducing your carbohydrate intake to 20-25% of your total caloric intake has a dramatic improvement in the diseases arising from insulin ...
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Does sleeping in a cold room reduce the risk of diabetes?

According to Elite Daily, there may be some health benefits to sleeping in a room at between 60-67°F (15-19°C) In particular, they cite Temperature-acclimated brown adipose tissue modulates insulin ...
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Can Type I diabetes be cured with a raw food diet and exercise? [closed]

Sergei Boutenko is an author who promotes "wild edibles". He claims, at age 9, to have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Some time later, he started a raw food diet and regular exercise. ...
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Do boiled potatoes have a higher glycemic index than baked?

I have found conflicting information on how different cooking methods affect the glycemic index (GI) of (white) potatoes and now I'm confused. My question is: does boiling potatoes lowers their GI ...
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Does açaí provide special benefits against diabetes?

The fruit "açaí" is marketed in the US as having special antioxidant-related nutritional value. A frequently heard claim is that is provides special benefits against diabetes. The price of any ...
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Does smoking prevent obesity and diabetes?

In a letter to The Guardian newspaper artist and pro-tobacco campaigner David Hockney suggests that there could be a link between not smoking and being obese or having diabetes. Is there a link ...
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Can activated alkaline water cure diabetes?

This article about activated alkaline water (I'm sorry, it's in German, but I couldn't find an English version by the same claimants) claims that drinking this water aids therapy of both Type 1 and ...
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Simply Raw: Can you reverse diabetes in 30 days by eating raw food?

The documentary "Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days" claims that you can cure diabetes by following a diet of raw food, avoiding any processed "junk" food: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in ...
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Does physical exercise control diabetes?

I've heard from many people that physical exercise controls or prevents diabetes. Is there any studies that confirm or deny this? Does physical exercise control diabetes?
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Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

I have frequently heard (even from diabetics) that diets high in sugar can cause (or at least contribute to) diabetes. Others have said it's a common misunderstanding, and there's no demonstrated ...
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Can a 600-calorie diet cure Type 2 diabetes?

This hit all the papers a week or so ago and seemed like something to be skeptical about. Is there any evidence that a 600 calorie diet can cure diabeties in humans? Or is this some theory that the ...
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