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Questions tagged [dermatology]

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases. Use this tag for claims related to the skin, skin conditions and skin treatment.

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Does smoking marijuana cause acne?

My teenage son has started smoking weed and I'm not happy about it, since I'm not a believer in "forbidding" thing over "convincing" I have tried to bring the topic to medical ...
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Do aftershaves products reduce skin infections?

Many aftershave products claim that shaving creates micro cuts in your skin which can be dealt with by applying their products. In fact, the internet is full of sources claiming that shaving creates ...
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Did Russian scientists manage to remove black skin from a man?

I noticed a clickbait article around facebook; A Russian Laboratory Has Invented A Way To Remove The Black Skin Layer Of Black People . Evidently these things have to be taken with a massive ammount ...
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Are skin moles linked to telomere length?

BBC: Skin moles link to delayed ageing The reason for these links are unclear, but researchers have noticed that people with large numbers of moles have differences in the strands of DNA in each cell ...
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Do L-lysine supplements help cold sore outbreaks?

Some people claim that dietary supplements of L-lysine (a type of lysine) help treat (but not cure) cold sores (Herpes labialis). The idea that lysine might work against herpes has some ...
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7 votes
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Does laser phototherapy treat male pattern hair-loss?

Laser phototherapy is being touted as an effective treatment for male pattern hair-loss. e.g. Hairmax claims: HOW HAIRMAX STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH: Energizes weakened hair follicles Awakens dormant ...
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Does the "Caveman Regimen" reduce the incidence of acne?

The "Caveman Regimen" is an approach to skin-care that avoids soaps and creams, and advocates washing the face with water only. (There are some variations of the regimen, such as only using an oil-...
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Does Vitamin C in Indian Gooseberry have skincare benefits when applied directly to skin, or when eaten?

There are several health product sites making claims about Vitamin C and Indian Gooseberry. They say it helps with skin problems. Note that "Amla" is one of the names for Indian Gooseberry. ...
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1 answer

Is removing hairs from a mole harmful?

It is often said that removing hairs (a hair) from a mole (melanocytic nevus) is not a wise thing to do. It is often said that this would increase the chance of the mole becomming cancerous (turning ...
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Do smartphones and computers cause skin to age via "tech neck"?

I was watching a health program on TV last night that was looking at skin aging, and they flashed up a panel showing various causes of skin aging. Along with the usual culprits of sunlight, smoking ...
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Does topical application of turmeric lighten skin color or make skin fairer?

There are online herbal recipes which claim that turmeric helps to lighten skin color. The power of turmeric mixed with the natural bleaching power of lime juice will make for an effective whitener....
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3 votes
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Creating realistic latex "face masks" from fotography [closed]

In many action movies (especially in Mission Impossible, Fantomas but in many others too) are created latex masks that very closely and realistically resemble the face of someone else. In the real ...
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Does snail cream have a positive impact on the skin?

Over the last few years snail cream has become a skin-care phenomenon in South Korea. Are there any scientific studies analyzing the impact of snail cream on the skin?
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22 votes
1 answer

Can you get ink poisoning from drawing or writing on your skin with pen?

It's a common claim in school yards (and from parents?) that you should not draw on your skin with a pen, or you will suffer "ink poisoning". Here's an example for notability: a Facebook page called ...
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Is Vitamin D production related to skin pigmentation?

Alice Roberts published an article in the Guardian newspaper, titled shining a fresh light on vitamin D She makes the point that the prevailing theory is that skin lightened in regions away from the ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Can blackheads be removed with egg white?

There is a home-remedy for blackheads, using egg white. Does this truly work to remove black heads? Is there any proof of this being a successful remedy? From Use Egg Whites ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Do some ingredients in lip balm cause dry lips?

According to this LifeHacker article, some brands of lip balms actually cause the problem of dry lips rather than solve it. America News Now spoke to dermatologist Gary Slaughter, who found ...
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Does taking a shower when dehydrated increase body weight?

For sports (such as wrestling, MMA, judo, etc) where the competition is divided into weight divisions, it's common to drop cut 10+ lbs of water weight hours before weigh ins and then rehydrate right ...
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39 votes
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Does aloe vera help cure sunburn?

I'm on vacation and got sunburnt, so someone said I should go get Aloa Vera since that apparently helps. There seems to be a plethora of made-for-adsense-sites that claim the same. http://www.care2....
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Do facial expressions cause wrinkles?

Some of my friends think that e.g. smiling leads to having wrinkles around your mouth, where your skin folds when you smile, but I'd also count if someone works in the sun a lot an thus squints all ...
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Does using moisturizer regularly have long-term positive effects? And is it better to start sooner?

A friend uses moisturizing lotions/creams daily. No fancy purported anti-aging creams, just run-of-the-mill, relatively low-cost moisturizer. She has the impression that regular use of moisturizer is ...
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1 answer

Are anti-aging/wrinkle-treatment solutions effective on human skin?

A variety of anti-aging products are advertised as solution to reverse [the perceived problem of] the appearance of aging. Many claims are made about these products, often showing "before vs. after" ...
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35 votes
2 answers

Did Michael Jackson artificially lighten his skin?

When it comes to superstars of his level, there always seem to be controversies, conspiracies, or some other mystery, and just one of the many surrounding Michael Jackson is that he for some reason ...
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Is squeezing pimples bad for you?

I've always been told, or notice others being told, or hear it in popular media, that squeezing pimples or blackheads is somehow "bad" for you. Certainly, when there is a chance that the skin breaks, ...
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