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A condition which can originate from any of a wide variety of sources and is often characterized by aversion to activity, saddened or somber mood, and feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt or restlessness.

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Can gluten cause depression?

Yesterday, I read a really serious testimony of someone saying that, since they stopped eating gluten, they aren't depressed anymore. I did some digging and find several articles linking gluten to ...
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Does a brain age faster when depressed? And would that be a bad thing?

Websites are reporting Research shows your brain physically ages faster when you're depressed Sources 1 2 3 I wonder how exact that research can be, when including such vague (as in: Surely not ...
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Did depressed people far more accurately estimate how many monsters they killed in a video game?

In a Ted talk (YouTube), Andrew Solomon says There was a study I particularly liked, in which a group of depressed and a group of non-depressed people were asked to play a video game for an hour, ...
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Are gut bacteria a cause of depression?

Media from Belgium put out a far reaching article a couple of days ago claiming Depression does not start in the brain, but in the intestines Source: "Depressie ontstaat niet in het brein, maar ...
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Is depression caused by chemical imbalances?

According to this recent Quartz article: The theory that [depression is] caused by chemical imbalances is false. And: [Chemical imbalance as the cause of depression] was once a tentatively-...
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Is sex a cure for depression in 50 percent of cases?

I read this claim on Twitter from a plastic surgeon who has worked for the Miss Venezuela organization. It says: Estudios revelan que el 50% de las depresiones se curan con buen sexo. #CiruTips ...
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Are statistics in controversial Australian antigay posters true?

According to the photo of an anti-gay poster depicted here: 92% of children of gay parents are abused 51% have depression 72% are obese My questions: Are these stats supported by other studies? If ...
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Do Russians get depressed the same way Americans do?

In 2010, The Wired wrote an article called "Why Russians Don't Get Depressed", describing a paper in Psychological Science. Others, such as The Atlantic and Reuters, wrote about the study as well. ...
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Are suicide rates among millenials increasing?

Simon Sinek claims in this video (at about 9:40min) that the suicide rates and the accidental drug overdoses among young people from the so-called "millennial" generation are increasing at the moment. ...
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Do antidepressants cause brain damage?

A friend two years ago read an online article that claims antidepressants cause brain damage. I don't know which one, but I imagine it was something like this. Do antidepressants cause brain damage?
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Can SSRI make things worse in the long term or cause delayed depression?

I found these two articles that mention that taking SSRI for depression can actually make the depression worse. Is it true? Can Tardive Dysphoria (delayed depression) be caused by SSRI? http://www....
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Is Turmeric better than prozac to treat depression?

We can find online several websites promoting phytotherapy, which claim that Turmeric (Curcuma) is as effective as Prozac for treating depression, and without its side effects, for example this one, ...
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Does Blue monday exist?

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, it's a Monday in beginning of January. Several news pages reports about this. "Blue Monday" said to be the most miserable day of the ...
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Do vitamin D supplements help against winter depression?

People like me who live in the northern part of the world, often get a bit depressed at this time of the year, when it's essentially dark when you leave for work and when you get home from work. This ...
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Does replacing sweet drinks with coffee make you less depressed?

According to a news report in The Register, people who drink coffee are substantially less at risk from depression than those who drink sweetened drinks. The article reports: "Cutting out or down ...
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Is breath holding disadvantageous for mental or physical health?

These anxiety related sites recommend holding breath with regard to getting rid of depression: There are three steps to full breathing: Inhalation (to a ...
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Does listening to negative emotive music help dealing with negative emotions?

My girlfriend tends to listen to music that express how she feels at a given moment. For example, if she's feeling frustrated then the lyrics of the songs she listens will be of frustration. Does ...
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Are fat people happier?

We all know Santa Claus is a big jolly guy, but is it true that fat people are happier than slim people? They teamed up with colleagues across Europe to study the lifestyles of thousands of people ...
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Is it always harmful to tell a depressed person something that equates to "toughen up" or "make more effort"?

AFAIK this is quite established in both US and Japan (and I guess in other countries, too), and I myself have faithfully followed this advice whenever I had interaction with a depressed person. I ...
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Is depression a disease?

I got this question after reading this: When a person is depressed, is it because the brain is ...
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Does having a pet help to cure your depression?

According to the community based website Curetogether spending time with a pet helps people with depression. Is there peer reviewed research that makes the same recommendation?
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Is suicide through thought possible?

Moult studies have shown the control power our brain has. From relaxing yourself, to decreasing your breathing rhythm and auto-hypnotizing yourself to sleep (all three of which I have experienced), ...
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Do antidepressants work?

I've been seeing occasional studies go by about the use of anti-depressants in treating depression. Some seem to imply that they are at least over-prescribed (which may in itself not be all that bad, ...
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