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for questions about claims based in Denmark, or limited to Denmark.

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Did the Danish Justice Ministry survey veterinarians about bestiality?

A 2015 Reuters article discusses Danish laws about bestiality, and refers to an earlier report: A 2011 Justice Ministry report surveyed veterinarians and found 17 percent of them suspected that an ...
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Does Denmark lose almost $700 million a year "carrying" Greenland? [closed]

In this precise moment of this video, (found on this this article) Donald Trump says about Greenland: It's hurting Denmark very badly because they are losing almost $700m a year carrying it, so ...
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Have 5% of Danish men had sex with an animal?

From this 2015 New York Post article: Some 5 percent of Danish men have had sex with an animal. That seems completely outlandish to me. Bestiality seems like a very rare fetish. It's probably ...
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Do Scandinavian-Americans have a higher standard of living than Scandinavians?

A Bloomberg article by the economist Tyler Cowen attributes the following claims to Debunking Utopia: Exposing the Myth of Nordic Socialism by Nima Sanandaji: Danish-Americans have a measured ...
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Do Danish and Canadian militaries exchange gifts on a disputed island?

The following image is circulating on LinkedIn: There is an island which is disputed territory between Canada and Denmark. The militaries of both countries periodically visit to remove the other ...
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Can Danish policemen refuse to provide ID when asked?

This Guardian article makes the (unsourced) claim that (emphasis mine): There is more than a whiff of the police state about the fact that Danish policeman refuse to display ID numbers and can ...
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Did a firefighter rescue a cat from a still-burning house?

From twitter user @Earth_Pics: Firefighter in Denmark rescues cat from burning house.The way he hugs cat and the expressions of cat says it all. Note: the white stuff is probably snow, not ash. ...
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Did Denmark reduce their need for hospitals by two-thirds?

Dave Chase, CEO of Avado, made this claim in a TechCrunch article: Prevention-focused countries such as Denmark have dramatically lowered the need for hospitals. Once at 155 hospitals, they are at ...
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Have Vegemite, Marmite and other yeast extracts been banned in Denmark?

Have Vegemite, Marmite and other yeast extracts been banned in Denmark? Background: I've heard this being claimed in the news, but there was a false report of it being banned in the United States ...
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