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for questions about claims based in Cyprus, or limited in Cyprus.

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Did a Cypriot bishop claim that homosexuality is caused when parents have anal sex?

The August 1, 2019 issue of MetroWeekly ("Washington D.C.'s Best LGBTQ Magazine for 25 Years"), on page 46, provides a "LastWord" quotation section that includes the following: &...
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Did Turkey and Greece attempt to gain control of NATO nuclear weapons to use on each other during the Cyprus crisis of 1963-1964?

The following quote from an article on, talking about PAL codes required for arming US nuclear missles, states that Turkey and Greece were attempting to gain control of nuclear weapons ...
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14 votes
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Is the recent surge in bitcoin prices driven by Cypriot investors?

There are numerous stories out there linking the rise in bitcoin prices seen in the last few weeks with events in Cyprus. Some stories go as far as claiming that Cypriots are buying the things ...
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Could obligatory screening for Thalassemia in Cyprus violate the bioethical rules?

Stefan Beck, a visiting assistant professor at the University of California at Berkeley, claimed: “The obligatory screening and counseling for Thalassemia in Cyprus is one of the most successful ...
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