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The study of criminal behavior in both the individual and within a given society.

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Can music incite murder?

From a deleted 700 Club interview archived on the internet archive at Johanna says you can trace ...
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Can better lawyers achieve better judgements for their clients?

This claim is frequently heard in news (and especially in TV and movies). Especially in connotation with big companies and rich individuals - "They'll get the best lawyers money can buy, and they'll ...
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2 answers

Does having a jury increase the chance of justice being served?

This claim popped up in a discussion on Hacker News where it was claimed that if a legal system has a jury it's more likely it will be just. As one commenter put it: [..] jury is not as easily ...
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Is gun control effective?

I have seen numerous arguments about gun control, in the sense of laws restricting gun ownership or possession, and whether widespread gun possession affects crime rates, and each side is happy to ...
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Are more crimes committed during a full moon?

It is a common belief that more crime is committed during a full moon. I rationalised this by assuming criminals used the increased moon light to aid them in their criminal activities with out really ...
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Is the death penalty an effective deterrent?

There is a lot of clutter from anti-death penalty sites, which makes it hard to find all the research. They often cite statistics like those explained in this website, including the chart below that ...
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Profiling in criminal cases

Criminal profiling is very popular in fictional crime shows, but also used in reality. A profiler uses the known data about the case to create a profile of the person that commited the crime. This ...
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