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Questions tagged [criminology]

The study of criminal behavior in both the individual and within a given society.

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Are fat people kidnapped less frequently?

This has been on T-shirts, in a Minions meme, and even some Q&A sites: Fat people are hard to kidnap. While the B-flick method of kidnapping (knock 'em unconscious and then carry the mark) is ...
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Did Saddam Hussein have a secret torture chamber in New York City?

The NY Post reported this week that Saddam Hussein had a secret torture chamber in New York City between 1979 and 2003. The sources the paper cites are two "anonymous officials". The paper does not ...
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Did a Michigan jewellery store keeper successfully scare off his attackers with a shotgun in 1995?

In an answer to another question, there is a reference to this 2012 Natural News article, which in turn cites this NRA-ILA article, which cites "The Chronicle, Muskegon, MI, 8/23/95": Plans to slay ...
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To what extent does the reported phenomenon of needle spiking in nightclubs and bars exist?

There have been widespread reports in the UK of "needle spiking," where a person, usually a woman, claims to have been jabbed with something in a bar. This has received increasing attention, ...
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Are chain gangs a deterrent to crime?

Various states have or recently had chain gangs, in which groups of prisoners perform physical or menial work in public while wearing chains/shackles. Supporters claim that it acts as a deterrent - ...
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Are democrats more likely to commit crimes then republicans in the United States?

Ted Cruz during in interview with Hugh Hewitt claimed that democrats are more likely to commit violent crime than republicans. He apparently is getting this statistic from a study on three states ...
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Did Turkish people commit 70–80% of the rapes in Cologne around the year 1996?

In an interview by the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger from 2016-12-29, the journalist/feminist Alice Schwarzer said (in German): Dass vor 20 Jahren 70 bis 80 Prozent aller Vergewaltigungen in Köln von ...
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Is the number of "ghost guns" in the US increasing?

The White House and media have recently claimed the following: Law enforcement officers across the country increasingly find there is no way to trace certain guns they recover from crime scenes. [...
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Are more serial killers born in November than in any other month?

There are several internet pages that claim that the number of serial killers born in November is particularly high. For example, this article lists eleven murderers born in November and quotes a ...
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Did Michael Jeffery (Hendrix's manager) kill Jimi Hendrix after tricking him into signing an insurance policy?

Michael Jeffery, Jimi Hendrix's manager, tricked Hendrix into signing an insurance contract that pays Jeffery $2 million upon the death of Mr James Marshall Hendrix. A short time later, Hendrix is ...
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Was the NAACP slow in acting for the rights of Sherman Ware?

In What the NAACP can learn from George Zimmerman, George Zimmerman's brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. claimed that the organization was slow to act on the beating of homeless African-American Sherman ...
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Does too much artificial lighting result in increased crime and safety problems?

According to a Washington Post article, Nebraska's tourism board is applying for dark sky certification for the Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area. As part of their application, they are ...
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Do large groups performing Transcendental Meditation lead to city-wide reductions in crime?

A 1988 paper, Test of a Field Model of Consciousness and Social Change: The Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program and Decreased Urban Crime describes some studies of data from the '70s and ...
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Does media coverage of mass shootings leads to more mass shootings the same week?

In the end of this video, Dr. Park Dietz says: Because every time we have intense saturation coverage of a mass murder, we expect to see one or two more within a week. Is this true?
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Does lengthening prison sentences reduce crime rates?

I have heard time and again that increasing the length of prison sentences produces little or no improvements in crime rates. It is said that increasing the probability of arrest after a crime has ...
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Did the victim of neo-Nazi violence as reported in Pink News die?

From Pink News: The gay teenager who was kidnapped and tortured by Russian neo-Nazis has died from his injuries it has been claimed [by Spectrum Human Rights]. ... PinkNews is unable to verify the ...
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Was there a recent spate of violence against Indians in Australia?

I recently came across a journal entry, written in December 2012, about racial violence in Australia. The entry mentioned an incident against a woman targeted for singing in French. I assume this ...
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Has hypnotism been used to enhance memory?

Has hypnotism been used to enhance memory? For example if I go to my friend's house, I may forget it's details like how many steps does there have or what color was it's door! This is my conscious ...
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Was Imran Khan's prosecution on charges of "iddat" ("un-Islamic marriage") the first such case in Pakistan?

The Guardian writes: A local court in Pakistan has sentenced Imran Khan, the country’s former prime minister, and his wife to seven years each in a case related to their marriage, which it declared “...
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Does prison work reduce recidivism?

I'm having difficulty finding statistics comparing the recidivism rates of regular prisoners and the ones that worked while serving the sentence. I can't remember where but I've read that "specialists ...
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Did Vera Renczi (“the Black Widow”), a female serial killer, exist?

Wikipedia describes Vera Renczi (a.k.a. Black Widow or Chatelaine of Berkerekul) as a Romanian serial killer who allegedly confessed to poisoning 35 individuals including her two husbands, multiple ...
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Have crime rates climbed in US cities with "rogue" progressive District Attorneys?

In a 2020 article, the Heritage Foundation claims that "rogue prosecutors" (described in the article as prosecutors who are part of the "so-called progressive prosecutor movement") ...
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Did a victim of Weinstein testify in a letter that the acts performed were consensual?

The German newspaper FAZ reports: Die Ankläger erreichte eine schriftliche Stellungnahme der früheren Nachwuchsschauspielerin Lucia Evans. Darin beschrieb Evans den Oralsex mit Weinstein in dessen ...
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Are children of incarcerated parents much more likely to become incarcerated?

This 2017 article from the journal of the US's National Institute of Justice states: One statistic indicates that children of incarcerated parents are, on average, six times more likely to become ...
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Is the intentional homicide rate in China extremely low?

I've found some sources that show China has a relatively low intentional homicide rate. For example: Wikipedia's List of countries by intentional homicide rate cites the UN Office on Drugs and crime ...
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Is the claim that a serial killer is targeting the LGBTQIA+ community in Manchester credible?

Background There have been claims that a serial killer has been active in Manchester dating back to the late 2000s. They center on the idea that there have been an unusually high number of drownings ...
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