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Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body.

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Do vaginal tightening creams work?

From a billboard in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (population 1.4 million) Vagina Tight залуужуулах цогц эмчилгээ [Google translate from Mongolian into English: comprehensive rejuvenation treatment] (I ...
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Does soap help prevent body odor? [closed]

One of my friends told me he stopped using soap years ago and I never smelt anything bad. I wanted to test it and changed my shower routine to just warm water and thoroughly using my hands to scrub my ...
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Does shampoo containing pro-B5 affect the appearance of hair?

Many shampoos contain vitamins. Elvive Vitamax shampoo for example, is variously promised to contain "Vitamin pro-B5" which makes hair full of vitality. Is this additive useful?
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Are fairness creams effective?

In south east Asia there is a craze for getting fair complexion in women, hence cosmetics companies - like Unilever, which sells Fair & Lovely creams throughout the Middle East and Indian ...
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Are cosmetic/pharmaceutical products without parabens healthier than counterparts with it?

Parabens are a class of preservative used in cosmetics and health related products. A large number of products, especially for infants, claim to be free of parabens implying that this is somewhat ...
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What hair-care benefits come from adding fruit or fruit-extracts to shampoo?

Shampoo manufacturers seem to be very keen to tell us about the all the fruit and fruit-extracts they put in their product. I suspect that the hair-care actually comes from the other ingredients they ...
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Does shaving with cold water produce a closer shave?

The claim is discussed at The Art of Manliness, as quoted from the book Shaving Made Easy (1824): . . . the author argues that the idea that a soft beard gives a better shave is a bunch of bunk and ...
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Does using moisturizer regularly have long-term positive effects? And is it better to start sooner?

A friend uses moisturizing lotions/creams daily. No fancy purported anti-aging creams, just run-of-the-mill, relatively low-cost moisturizer. She has the impression that regular use of moisturizer is ...
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Do the warm oils penetrate the skin the same way as a normal oil would after manual warming?

By warm oils I mean "pepper seed oil", and "sesame oil". These oils are said to have inherent warmth due to which they increase blood circulation. The secret of essential oils' effectiveness lies ...
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Does plucking/epilation impact hair growth?

I've recently encountered the idea that plucking an area of hair (say, with tweezers) causes the hair to grow back thicker/denser/stiffer etc. yet I remain skeptical. This concept is rampant with ...
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Does potassium alum soften the burning sensation after shaving?

A friend of mine suggested me to use a wet alum stone after shaving. Is this efficient?
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Does the temperature of the water when you shave affect your pores?

I have heard from a number of people advice that using hot water either before or during shaving "opens your pores" to give you a closer shave. (As discussed on a makeup site, The Art of Shaving, and ...
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