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Any method which prepares food to be eaten.

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Can an astronaut on Venus cook a 16-inch pepperoni pizza by holding it in the air for 4 seconds?

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, one can cook a 16-inch pepperoni pizza on Venus by holding it in the air for 4 seconds. However, no detailed calculations were given to demonstrate this.
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Are angel food cakes cooked in tube pans because they need support?

According to Cooks Illustrated: There’s a good reason angel food and chiffon cakes are always baked in tube pans, and it’s not just aesthetics. These specialty vessels actually help delicate cakes ...
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Are soaked almonds easier to digest than unsoaked almonds?

Many people, especially in India, soak almonds overnight before eating them. Some people claim this has health benefits. For example MD-Health claim: when soaked, almonds release enzyme inhibitor ...
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Does rubbing hands on a steel block reduce the smell of garlic?

I read the question How do you remove garlic smells from your fingers? on Seasoned Advice and it reminded my of a claim I was always skeptical about. The accepted answer states: The smell of garlic ...
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Risks of using a cast iron skillet on a flat/glass top electric range?

There are many claims about possible risks of cooking with a cast iron skillet on a flat/glass top electric range: the glass top can break if one is not careful; the glass can be scratched; the glass ...
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Is the first pancake normally the worst?

It is a well-known piece of folk-wisdom that when making a batch of pancakes, the first one is always a dud. It is widespread enough that Urban Dictionary and others use it as an analogy for dating. ...
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