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Any method which prepares food to be eaten.

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Does a lobster feel little/no pain when boiled alive?

Image Source I have just read's "9 Ridiculous Cooking Myths You Probably Believe", that claims: [...] because [the lobster's] nervous system isn't very complex, so it's feeling little ...
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Does washing vegetables remove nutrients?

There are many people who cook vegetables without washing them (before cutting) because they think it removes important nutrients. This claim is predominant in some Asian countries. Is that true?
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Is aluminum foil safe to use with food?

Prompted by comments in the family, help me clear this up. A Google search for is aluminum foil safe yields articles that claim it's dangerous, as well as articles that claim it's safe. So which one ...
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Does rubbing hands on a steel block reduce the smell of garlic?

I read the question How do you remove garlic smells from your fingers? on Seasoned Advice and it reminded my of a claim I was always skeptical about. The accepted answer states: The smell of garlic ...
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